Aaron Rodgers’ first tattoo causes a stir

For some Green Bay Packers fans, Aaron Rodgers’ relationship is becoming increasingly problematic.

On the one hand, the star quarterback led the team to the Super Bowl and several good playoff appearances. A four-time season MVP winner, Rodgers was a worthy successor to Brett Favre and served the team for more than fifteen years.

At 38, Rodgers is nearing the end of his career and seems to have taken an odd turn in recent years, a turn highlighted by his positions on COVID and the health crisis.

Additionally, this season we wondered if his refusal to get a vaccine and lying about his position would cost him the MVP title. (He eventually won the title for a second straight season).

He also ended his relationship with actress Shailene Woodley and is now dating a woman who has had to defend herself on social media for not being a witch.

Rodgers sort of lives his version of the noon demon, except instead of chasing young women in convertibles, he’s embracing a new spirituality and positions that aren’t necessarily popular with the general public.

Aaron Rodgers tattoo

We took this major detour to set the stage for Story of the Week as Rodgers revealed his first-ever tattoo on social media. An intricate forearm artwork by popular tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi.

Regarding his tattoo, Rodgers points out that each element holds a deep meaning for him… and the internet has taken the bull by the horns.

Rodgers remained cryptic on the matter, as he had been for several months. He shows something, but he says nothing. On the other hand, the associations are made for the most attentive.

The presence of an omniscient eye in the center of the tattoo immediately ignited the fire of netizens, who made the comparison to Kyrie Irving, another athlete with a complex relationship with the media related to COVID. It was also joked that Rodgers’ tattoo was an illustrated version of an episode of Joe Rogan.

People aren’t really trying to figure out Rodgers’ tattoo, but let’s just say the jokes are reckless.

Even some quarterback teammates took the liberty to cheer for him in the comments below his post.

So what do you read in the symbols on Rodgers’ arm?

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