Stranger Things 4 | A happy celebration of pop culture

A pineapple pizza, four hours of gooey special effects, the song Master of the Dolls by Metallica screaming under a sky covered in flesh-eating bats, angry Russian Demogorgons, a helicopter named Katinka, and plenty of eye and nosebleeds the last two episodes of stranger things 4 like the Olympics, have gotten bigger, bigger, stronger.

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Before hibernation until 2024, stranger things 4 everything shattered: budget explosions and airtime (the last episode lasts 2 hours 20 minutes!). Never before has a TV series embodied the definition of a summer blockbuster so well.

Was it perfect as a finale? Of course not. The Soviet cut was on the limit, the pizza surf van run was redundant, and why did the Hawkins sports militia claw back at the last second when the demon Vecna ​​crushed brave Max’s body? Not necessary.

But was it satisfying? Yes absolutely. These classic, coke-inflated final episodes were a pop culture mega festival for anyone who grew up on VHS claws of the night orextraterrestrial rented from the local video store. Like Vidéo Éclair or Club International Vidéo Film with the famous Velcro fasteners.

And this homage to the classics of the 1980s has been expertly put together by the makers of stranger thingsBrothers Matt and Ross Duffer.

Did you capture all the references that fell on our screens? The cult film Halloween was entitled to two big winks. First rocker Eddie put on the white mask of killer Michael Myers, and then Vecna ​​— stop that now Wrong world full of spoilers, thanks – died the same way as the psychopath filmed by John Carpenter: he was shot before falling two stories and disappearing into the fog.

The nostalgic allusions continued their procession at breakneck speed. A well-known replica of war of starsa look-alike of Molly Ringwald in Sixteen candles in the gun shop cylinders made of formaldehyde, identical to those in the films extraterrestrialtwo Hulk Hogan t-shirts, Victor Creel’s house modeled on Norman Bates in psychologybased on the winter ball carrie and Lucas reads The talisman by Stephen King, the master of horror.

The detail that has eluded most die-hard fans concerns Hopper. Real sword dealing in soviet prison arena Conan the Barbarian Hopper decapitates the last Demogorgon. A brilliant scene punctuated by the song Separate ways (worlds apart) the trip.

Very briefly, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mythical blade makes its first appearance in the seventh episode as the inmates attempt to survive a battle against the Devil Bugs. Have you seen her?

Music also has a prominent place stranger things. Kate Bush and her song running up That Hill have experienced an overwhelming renaissance since the release of the fourth installment of the TV series, even peaking at number four on the Billboard charts. Not bad for a track released in 1985.

It’s Metallica’s turn to take advantage of the “Lifting” effect stranger things. The song Master of the Dolls, dropped on a swarm of killer bats, climbs the charts exponentially. It’s insanely steep.

The last scene of stranger things 4 sets the stage for the fifth and final chapter of the story, scheduled for release in 2024. No, Vecna ​​wasn’t wiped out and he’s preparing his final attack, as evidenced by Will’s chills.

Speaking of Will’s crush on Mike, his sexual orientation was raised but never named. In stark contrast to the articulate Robin, who finally got her flirty moment with her bandmate.

The storyline, scattered between the USSR, California and Indiana, weakened the camaraderie between the main characters that was so strong and so important in previous seasons. The story would then jump from region to region, awkwardly interrupting key scenes. To rethink.

That stranger things brilliantly succeeded in placing young women at the center of events. The series started with little nerds stumbling across it Dungeons and Dragons to mutate like that terminator, where Sarah Connor copycats killed the bad guys. Think of Eleven telepathically fighting Vecna, think of Nancy shooting the same Vecna ​​at point-blank range, and think of Max being the bravest of the bunch, using herself as bait for the most terrifying creature in the world. Universe.

Finally, fans’ patience was rewarded with the long-awaited first kiss between Hopper and Joyce. All together: awww! Let’s say it changes the (too) many scenes where Eleven grimaces, frowns, contorts her face, stretches out her left arm and opens her hand to throw an enemy at the wall. Insert a death scream here.

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