Restoration of his birthplace in Oran

It is located at 11 rue Adda Ben Aouda, ex-Stora, in the Oran district. plateau » experienced Yves Saint Laurent until he was 18 years old. Until recently, the house had faded walls. Patron Mohamed Affane has carried out its restoration.

His real name, Yves Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, was born in early August 1936 in Oran, the second largest city in Algeria. He stayed there until he was 18 before the young prodigy was hired by Christian Dior.

Employed at 19, he runs the haute couture house two years after the death of its founder. A few years later, with the help of Pierre Bergé, he created the YSL brand, which is now world-famous.

[La maison de Yves Saint Laurent, 11 rue de Stora, à Oran – Crédits : Oran Copains D’avant]

The house discovered by tour operators

Tourist guides abroad have long sought out the birthplace of Yves Saint-Laurent. “Even in Oran, no one knows where she really is. As proof, we spent two hours looking for it before we found it because we didn’t have the exact address.”states Le Petit Futé in its latest editions.

Then occupied by an Oran family, the guide notes that the house was left as it was. The same thing “The floor tiles in the living room have not moved and some pieces of furniture have been preserved”. The famous guide advised his readers to visit, advising to make an appointment with the residents beforehand, being careful to indicate the following: “ You are not in a museum, but among people…”.

Maison Yves Saint-Laurent, a future museum

After an identical restoration, the house was to become a museum. It was the contractor Mohamed Affane who carried out the restoration work. After getting involved in the city’s theatrical world, this patron decided to buy and restore the famous house.

Passionate about art and culture, Mohamed Affane asked to collaborate with specialists including the Algerian architect Youssef Fernane. The latter recently confided to Radio France International (RFI): “We relied heavily on family photos for the interior design.”

The antique furniture has been restored or replaced identically. Almost 400 sketches by Yves Saint-Laurent were to be exhibited, as well as photos from his childhood.

We celebrate Yves Saint-Laurent in his hometown

Yves Saint-Laurent died in 2008 and remained very attached to Oran. In 2013, Pierre Bergé, co-founder of the House of YSL, came to Oran to trace the career of the great couturier: “It’s my first time speaking about YSL at a conference like this and I only did it because it’s here in Oran. I couldn’t do anything else from his birth to his death! »

This restoration project, Mohamed Affane told RFI, has matured for a long time: “I’m from Oran, Yves Saint-Laurent is from Oran. Also he had the best memories of his life here in Oran, he loved his city very much, he was very happy in his hometown. I’ve had the idea in my head for more than 25 years to celebrate Yves Saint-Laurent in his hometown.

First sketches in the carpentry workshop

After a year of work, the restoration has been particularly successful. The facade of the small townhouse on the corner of two streets has regained its original color scheme. The interior design evokes the atmosphere of the time when a slender young man made his first sketches in his studio room.

[La maison d’Yves Saint-Laurent (Oran) restaurée – Crédits : Oran Ville Officiel]

There is no doubt that 11 rue Adda Ben Aouda now sees many passing tourists due to the notoriety of its former occupant.

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