Mary-Sophie Harvey claims she was drugged at World Swim

Olympian Mary-Sophie Harvey dropped a real bombshell when she explained on her Instagram account that she had been drugged on the last day of Aquatic Worlds, which took place from June 18 to July 3 in Budapest.

Harvey, the bronze medalist in the 4x200m freestyle relay in Budapest when she swam the preliminary rounds, says she has no recollection of a four to six hour period a day before the Canadian team left. She left Hungary on June 26.

“I was drugged on the last day of the World Cup,” she wrote. I have no recollection for a period of four to six hours. My only memory is that the Canada team manager and the doctor were next to me, very close to my bed when I woke up. »

During this period, in which she cannot remember anything, the Trois-Rivières native swimmer, who trains under the colors of the CAMO club, claims to have been injured. She attached a photo of her sore ribs.

A photo she posted to her Instagram account shows injuries she allegedly sustained during this period, which she can't remember

Photo taken from Instagram

A photo she posted to her Instagram account shows injuries she allegedly sustained during this period, which she can’t remember

“I injured my ribs and suffered a concussion. »

Silence was not an option

Eighth in the 4 x 200m medley final, Harvey said she hesitated for a long time before telling her story publicly, but decided to go ahead for a very specific reason.

“I was wondering whether or not I would post something, but there are so many sad situations like this that happen that I couldn’t keep quiet. »

“I’m still afraid of the things I don’t remember that happened that night,” Harvey said. In a way, I’m ashamed of what happened and I think I always will be. But I will not let this incident define me as a person. »

Swim Canada Reactions

In an emailed statement, Swimming Canada confirms that an incident has occurred and that an internal investigation has been launched.

Given the information gathered so far, it is confirmed that the athletes left the team hotel after the last group meeting to celebrate the best World Championship in Canadian swimming history with a harvest of 11 medals (3 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze). Canada finished third behind the United States and Australia. The previous brand was eight, established in 2019 in Gwangju, South Korea.

“We are aware of an incident that occurred the day before we left Budapest,” the organization’s communications director, Nathan White, confirmed via email on behalf of the organization. As soon as staff were made aware of the situation, Mary-Sophie received excellent medical care from our on-site team doctor and it was decided that she could return home. »

Swimming Canada assures Harvey was not on her own when she returned home.

“Employees have been in contact with Mary-Sophie since their return. We offer him support. We continue to gather more information on the situation and the file has been turned over to our independent Safe Sport Officer. »

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