Evelyne Brochu back in Quebec for Chouchou

Evelyne Brochu is officially back home after settling in France for a few months. During filming too domestic animalThe actress said her series on Novoo, which is expected in the fall The press his joy of rediscovering the warm atmosphere of Quebec.

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Vincent Marcellin

Vincent Marcellin
The press

Evelyne Brochu is not lazy. Earlier this year, while filming the sequel to Paris Police 1900 in France she prepared the shooting domestic animalSeries written by Simon Boulerice (six degrees). “I did that in and out since January,” says the Quebec actress, whom we spotted in particular to.

His stay in Paris enabled him to open up new perspectives. “On the trip we try to get out of our bearings a bit, to break out of routine, to renew our view of the world,” she explains. Learning to be turned upside down, to experience something different and therefore to be different because we are in a different context and that reveals something different about us. »

For this second season, aptly titled, produced by Canal+ Paris police in 1905Evelyne Brochu reprized her role as Marguerite Steinheil, that courtesan turned spy again during the so-called Belle Époque.

“As a return to the sources”

After this new experience abroad, returning to Quebec was an obvious choice for Evelyne Brochu. “It’s like going back to basics,” she notes.

It is a real joy to be in a kind of family feeling: the caregivers are together, the sense of humor is already embodied because it has been the same since our childhood.

Evelyne Brochu

Evelyne Brochu therefore created this new challenge, which she tackled by preparing before shooting. “I still had a month here to meet people, try on things. We had a lot of discussions, so we felt like we were on familiar ground. »

in the domestic animal, stars as actress Chanelle, a French teacher who becomes engulfed in an illicit passion for one of her students. She shares the bill with a renowned trio consisting of Lévi Doré (Sandrick, the student in question), Steve Laplante (Jeff, Chanelle’s wife) and Sophie Cadieux (Sandrick’s mother).

The 39-year-old actress is delighted to be working with the production team of domestic animal. “There’s a kind of familiarity on set, like you go home and say, ‘This is our home.’ “Caring,” “tender,” and “magical” are the three words she remembers to use to describe her employees.

A climate of trust that offers her the best conditions for further filming. “I feel so protected, welcomed and supported, I feel like we want to protect, love and appreciate each other. That way you can give the feeling that everything is cushioned, that you just have to get going,” explains the actress.

A necessary maturity

Directed by Marie-Claude Blouin and Félix Tétreault, the series written by Simon Boulerice deals with difficult subjects such as adultery, poverty or drug addiction. “I thought it was great that there was this feeling of safety and security because there were delicate and uncomfortable things to discuss,” says Evelyne Brochu.

The role of Chanelle, which presents “challenges from an emotional and physical point of view,” led the actress into a period of introspection.

There are certain characters that you should better stay away from. My big task for this role was precisely to get as close to myself as possible. Of my fragility, of my vulnerability.

Evelyne Brochu

More than her sense of interpretation, her life experiences helped her embody her character. “More experience sometimes prepares you for a role without having to intellectualize it. Evelyne Brochu cites the birth of her two twins in November 2021, which allowed her to better understand her character’s fears about the consequences of her adultery.

“When Chanelle feels the danger of losing her family, that’s an emotion I can imagine,” she says. The 39-year-old actress is also happy about the projects that await her, especially in the cinema. She evokes a romantic comedy starring a “cool American actor,” which is set to begin filming in August.

” It’s very exciting. And I think it will be good to change universes after this big dive domestic animal She closes with a smile.

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