COVID-19: Quebec returns to milestone of 1,500 hospital admissions and reports 16 new deaths

Officially in the seventh wave of the pandemic, Quebec recorded 16 new COVID-19-related deaths on Thursday.

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The number of people hospitalized due to the virus has increased a little less than in recent days (+36), bringing the total number of Quebecers occupying a hospital bed to 1534. Among them, the number of people in intensive care remained in the Relatively stable results compared to Wednesday (+3; 43).

In addition, 1,755 new cases were listed nationwide on Thursday, down slightly from the previous day (1,834), while 547 positive rapid test self-reported during the day on Wednesday (95 fewer than the previous day).

In addition, 7,318 healthcare workers are absent for reasons related to COVID-19.

A seventh wave also in Ontario

The situation across the Ottawa River is looking just as concerning, where provincial health chief Kieran Moore said the province has been in a seventh wave since mid-June.

According to Public Health Ontario, hospitalizations related to COVID-19 rose 29% last week to 695 hospitalized patients, including 109 in intensive care as of Wednesday. This is an increase of 157 and 21 patients since June 29th.

Among those in intensive care, 45 patients are on life support.

Unlike in Quebec, adults under the age of 60 do not have access to the second booster shot.

“With 5 million Ontarians still needing their first booster dose and 1.6 million still needing their second booster dose, we still have a long way to go before we open it up even further,” said the Dright Moore at a press conference on Wednesday, as reported by Toronto Star.


  • 1,099,766 infected (+1,755*)
  • 15,646 deaths (+16)
  • 7,318 healthcare workers are absent for COVID-related reasons (preventive withdrawal, isolation, waiting for results, etc.)
  • 1534 people in hospital (+37)
  • 43 people in intensive care (+3)
  • 14,211 samples taken on July 5th
  • So far 241,770 self-declared rapid tests, of which 200,547 are positive: 713 declared for yesterday, of which 655 are positive.

* The number of cases listed is not representative of the situation as access to screening centers is restricted to priority constituencies.

*** For detailed results by region, visit the INSPQ website by clicking here.

More details to come…

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