Collection of personal data | Class action lawsuit filed against Google in Quebec

The Superior Court authorizes a class action lawsuit against Google LLC. Option’s consommateurs and law firm Belleau Lapointe are targeting the Quebec digital giant’s large-scale collection of personal data.

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Isabel Mass

Isabel Mass
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Option consommateurs criticizes the technology company for the insufficient consent given by people who visit websites that integrate Google tools (Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager) or use services that do not require account creation, such as Google Search or Google Maps.

The association, which defends consumer interests and rights, also criticized Google for not respecting the “Do Not Track” feature of web browsers and leading people to believe that private browsing ensures consumer privacy. “In this context, Google should show the greatest possible transparency and inform the population, give the possibility of express consent, clearly presented,” argues Alexandre Plourde, lawyer and analyst at Option consommateurs. Such consent is currently not required. »

Millions of Quebecers would be affected

Optionsconsommateurs estimate the action will affect millions of Quebecers. “Because these are people who have surfed the internet [depuis le 22 juin 2017] or have used Google services, explains Me Plunder. Google is able to track Internet users’ activities, often without their knowledge, on almost 90% of the websites they visit. »


Alexandre Plourde, lawyer and analyst at Option consommateurs

Google collects a wide variety of personal information, which it uses to generate a lot of revenue, particularly through targeted advertising.

Alexandre Plourde, lawyer and analyst at Option consommateurs

The purpose of the class action is to recover the value of their personal information from Quebec internet users. They are also seeking payment of $50 million in punitive damages, the statement said.

How is the value of a user’s personal data calculated? “It’s not necessarily an obvious calculation, concedes Me Plunder. The exact number will be determined later. »

The law firm in charge of Google’s file, Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG), sent this message via email to The press “Google disputes the merits of this objection and will respond as part of the court proceeding. We cannot comment on a ruling in any pending lawsuit involving our client. »

Google (Alphabet) generated revenue of over $257 billion in 2021. On Wednesday, the stock ended at $2,291.44, up 1.16%.

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