Will the unanswered questions at the end of season 4 be answered in season 5?

After more than three years of waiting, Netflix’s flagship series resumed for a fourth season in June, unveiling its final two episodes on the platform on July 1. Two cinematic episodes, almost an hour and a half for the first and more than two hours for the second: enough to solve many questions and intrigues of the saga.

For this new season, the Hawkins band are back, all in mules and geometric shirts reminiscent of the 1980s. The evil monsters are also still there and the story is getting more complex… Despite the end of the season, many questions remain. If you haven’t had time to watch the last two episodes, we advise you to go your own way: disclosure in sight, as our friends from Quebec would say.

Will Vecna ​​be back in Season 5?

While Vecna/Henry/One was burned alive and shot through by the alliance of Robin, Steve and Nancy and badly injured by Eleven in Upside Down, it doesn’t appear to have been the case be completely gone, quite the opposite. After Vecna ​​put Max in a state of clinical death, he managed to have his four victims, which allowed the four portals at the four corners of Hawkins to be activated… And caused an earthquake that affected a large part of the Apartments devastated.

The closing minutes of the final episode of the season show the dam rupturing between the real world and Upside Down, flowers rotting and the air polluted with whitish particles. Will senses Vecna’s presence and makes it clear to his friends: he’s hurt, he’s in pain, and he wants revenge. After spending an entire season researching the character of Vecna ​​- and explaining why he’s been THE big villain all along – chances are he’ll return next season for one last fight becomes …

Does Max come out of the coma?

After a bitter battle against Vecna ​​and a macabre delve into his memories, Max almost passed out. Kate Bush’s famous song couldn’t do anything about it. Eyes rolled, legs and arms almost broken… The scene of Max’s death in Lucas’ arms caused more than one tear to fall from the fans. But Eleven gave her a touch of life thanks to her powers: now she’s on the razor’s edge.

Eleven tries to infiltrate her mind when she visits him in the hospital and finds Max’s mind blank. The fate of the latter therefore remains one of the most important questions to be resolved in Season 5. The red-haired heroine brought back to life? If yes, in which state?

Elf, Lucas, Dustin, Mike, will they be able to live a “normal” life?

Although the group of friends never had a completely “normal” life since the beginning of the first season, their everyday life alternated between saving the world, fighting monsters… and going to class or playing games. dungeons. Elf reiterates in Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4 how much she wishes for a normal, uneventful life.

However, in light of Season 4’s final minutes, that claim to cheery routine is thrown into question. It’s hard to imagine respite with portals open all over Hawkins and an imminent threat looming over the city. However, showrunner Ross Duffer revealed that there could be a time jump between this season and the next: “Ideally we would have done seasons 4 and 5 back-to-back, but that wasn’t feasible. So these are discussions that we will have with our writers as we launch the writing sessions. »

Where did Yuri, Murray and Enzo go?

After spending part of the season exploring a Soviet prison, Joyce and Murray eventually take Hopper, Yuri, a low-moral Russian trafficker, and Enzo, a former Russian warden captured in Hopper’s cell. An escape worthy of the greatest action movies based on helicopters and flamethrowers that allowed the funny American-Russian gang to escape from Russia.

But by the end of the episode, when Eleven and Hopper reunite and Joyce joins her family, there is no sign of Yuri, Enzo, much less Murray. If the latter may have returned home (and back in season 5?), we don’t know the fate of the two Russians, who are surely wanted by the KGB. Will they return to Hawkins? Will the USSR and its KGB be involved? case follows.

Which characters will end up together?

Beyond plots involving a monster-infested parallel world, stranger things, it is also love. By the end of season 4, several couples seem to have formed/closed or, on the contrary, are in bad shape. Will Mike and Eleven’s romance continue after the doubts earlier in the season? Will Lucas and Max get back together if she survives? Will Dustin find Suzy, his long-distance love? Nancy wonders about her relationship with Jonathan, which falters while her ex Steve makes a declaration of love for her in the middle of Upside Down. She faces a difficult decision as the world falls apart and college approaches.

This season 4 of stranger things is also the coming-out (more or less obvious) of certain characters: when Robin tries to overcome his shyness (and the latent lesbophobia of the time) to approach the girl of his dreams, everything seems more complicated for Will. The teenager does not reveal his romantic and sexual orientation this season, but his very strong feelings for Mike are evident in the episodes, particularly the ninth where he chokes back sobs. A scene that moved many fans.

Will Hawkins be able to have a happy ending?

That’s going to be the whole theme of this season 5: will Hawkins end up in flames and blood (which has been the case for four seasons already) or can she be saved by Eleven and her bandage? One thing is for sure, the Duffer brothers already know the end of the story and have stated in numerous interviews that they wrote the main lines of the fifth season, which will be the last, while in prison.

A final season that promises to be full of twists and turns and should come much sooner than expected: “The break should be shorter this time since we already have the main lines (from season 5). […] And we can’t envisage another enforced six-month break,” the brothers told Variety magazine. An arrival on our screens is planned for late 2023 or even 2024.

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