The battery that no longer needs charging will soon be a reality

Several large international research teams are working on a revolutionary battery for electric cars. This could deliver more than a million kilometers of autonomy and mark the end of the charging system that we currently know. Of course, this is all theory for now. But the researchers say they’ve made significant advances in the field.

The main disadvantage of electric cars rest of our days battery charging system, which can be limiting in some cases. France, for example, only has 16% of Europe’s charging stations. And it can quickly become complicated to find a charging station when driving an electric car all over France.

Thankfully, this is all temporary. and Charging stations are increasing all over the world. Like Tesla, which just expanded its Supercharger network across Europe. However, maybe in a few years These electric car charging stations will be completely obsolete.

Several major international researchers are working on this moment right now a revolutionary and futuristic battery, which could reach a million kilometers of autonomy. This is all theoretical, of course, but researchers could well develop this technology within a few years.

The electric cars of the future may no longer need to be charged

That quantum batteries could indeed be a game changer when it comes to the future of our electric cars. It is precisely the brand new concept of “super absorption” that could give this crazy autonomy to future batteries of our electric vehicles. Researchers from the University of Adelaide and several other international research teams have demonstrated it this brand new principle of energy storage.

They even went so far as to explain this concept in the journal Science Advances. So the researchers engraved Micro cavities on a silicon wafer of different sizes, which contains a different number of organic molecules. Then they load these cavities with a laser. And the result is quite surprising.

“The active layer of the microcavity contains organic semiconductor materials that store energy. The idea of ​​superabsorption of quantum batteries is that the molecules act in concert through a property known as quantum overlay. The larger the microcavities and the more molecules, the shorter the loading time,” the researchers sum up.

To clarify: The larger the capacity of a created battery would be, the shorter the charging time would be. Then it would be possible create batteries so energy dense indicate that electric cars drive tirelessly and without recharging.

However, this principle remains theoretical for the time being. But the researchers continue to work on the topic. And maybe in a few years it will actually be possible to drive your electric car without necessarily going through the charging box during its lifetime. A real revolution.

Source: The Next Web

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