Paul Byron doesn’t know if he’ll be ready for the next training camp

Today Paul Byron took part in Dominique Ducharme’s golf tournament. He was the only player of the current edition to take part in the tournament of the one who was Claude Julien’s assistant and coach for almost a year.

Rumor has it that Jeff Petry tried everything to break free, to no avail. #To kid

So that means the few guys who are in town for the summer haven’t left. You don’t have to go, of course, but it shows that Paul Byron is a man of class.

So he spoke to the media and it was learned that the number 41 might not be ready for the next training camp. He has not yet been able to resume training as his injury is not healing as well as expected.

Having surgery on his left hip last summer and falling out early in the season, it was ultimately his right hip that prevented him from finishing the season properly. And apparently he’s not fully recovered yet.

He’s hoping he can be there for the training camp, but he’s not sure. He wants to test himself first.

The only priority for me is to play a match with my injury. —Paul Byron

In all this, the contract history also bothers him.

The number 41 knows his contract ($3.4 million per season) will expire at the end of the season and he wants to stay in Montreal. He has never hidden it in the past and still is.

Of course I like Montreal a lot. I would like to stay here if possible but I have to stay healthy and play a full season. —Paul Byron

He wants to get well to help the club but also fight for a place in the sun. Our best wishes to him who has given his body to Canadians and hockey for so long.

Reading Byron’s isn’t exactly reassuring. The winger might not be able to play an entire season, which would hurt the Canadian on some levels.

Kent Hughes must not be happy (with the situation, not Byron) as he has to factor in the player’s $3.4 million on the crowd this summer. He can’t assume he won’t be there.

The same goes for Carey Price. So we’re always talking about $13.9 million in uncertainties, which partly explains why the CEO is desperate to release payroll over the next few days.


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