Oran shines, the Algerians in halftone

The 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games is coming to an end. After ten days of celebration, Oran and the Algerians can only be proud.

The sports festival, one side of celebration, has caught on in Algeria. The 2022 Mediterranean Games was a success for the host country, a triumph on all levels. Organizers, participants and spectators all defended Oran by highlighting his merits and exploits. This is the efficiency side.

Oran in the heart of the Mediterranean

Almost 3,400 athletes from 26 Mediterranean countries have settled in Oran. They came to take part in the Mediterranean Games. It is a second event for Algeria after the 1975 JM which took place in the capital, Algiers.

This multisport event opened on a summer night at the beautiful new Olympic Stadium in the radiant city of Miloud Hadefi. For this 2022 edition, a magnificent opening ceremony has been organized with hundreds of artists, musicians and dancers. Algeria, its landscapes, its history and its influence on the Mediterranean were the focus of this show, which lasted no less than two and a half hours.

The delegations paraded in a crazy atmosphere in front of 40,000 happy people who were able to witness the opening ceremony live. The audience’s enthusiasm continued. Families, women and children flocked to the stands and halls to the delight of the athletes. Images that we have rarely seen in Algeria. This process has been made easier by the establishment of a digital ticket counter. This also explains the role that this event ascribed to them at the time in the service of spreading a new educational ideal, a new socio-political vision.

This sports festival took place in 37 places scattered in the city and its surroundings (Mascara). Some infrastructures are new, others have been renovated to make room for the 24 disciplines. The Mediterranean village created for the occasion, spread over 39 hectares, did not disappoint. The athletes slept, ate, but also trained in special rooms. Each nation had its own building.

These Mediterranean Games were an open window to Algeria. The opportunity to highlight Algeria’s ability to host major sporting events and reveal the infrastructures, especially ahead of CHAN 2023 (from January 13th to February 4th) and CAN U17 2023 (from April 8th to 30th). The Radiant City managed to withdraw from the game.

Half fig, half grape sporting record for the Algerians

Swimmer Syoud Jaouad ended Algeria’s participation in the JM on Tuesday with a second-place finish in the 100m butterfly final. This victory brought the Algerian consecrations a total of 53 medals, including 20 gold medals. This is the best result in the history of Algerian participation, surpassing the record set by the Tunis games in 2001.

In the overall ranking, Algeria, which was on the podium at the beginning of the games, lost ground and fell to 4th place behind France (21 gold). After ten days of competition, Italy (48 gold) was able to dethrone Turkey (45 gold), which had been in first place up to that point.

Team sports fill a gap

The national selections of the various collective disciplines participating in this 19th edition of the Oran Games missed the target and were eliminated from the group stage (except for the men’s 3×3 basketball team, which qualified for the 1/4 finals and the 5th place from 11 participating teams) under the eyes of an enthusiastic Oran audience present in all competition halls.

In handball, the results are catastrophic. The men and women left the competition without a shine, even in the preliminary round. The men’s National Seven (2 wins) will have had a poor run before joining Egypt in a bid for the Africa Cup of Nations from 11-18 July. The same applies to women. The Algerians failed to return to the competition after almost three years of hibernation with three consecutive defeats. They were last in their group.

In volleyball, the results were disappointing. With a win against Greece and two defeats against Turkey and France with the same number of points, the men’s selection was eliminated by a set difference compared to Greece. For their part, the women’s team failed to win a single set during the competition and left the games in Oran with three defeats against Turkey, Spain and Italy.

The round ball didn’t please the Algerians either. Algeria’s U18s were eliminated after opening-day predictions thwarted the previous edition’s winners, Spain. Mourad Slatni’s colts couldn’t get rid of Morocco and the French team and lost sight of the goal of reaching the Final Four.

Unlike in team sports, the athletes of the individual disciplines used this Mediterranean event to present themselves. Thanks to karate (4 gold), boxing (5 gold) and athletics (5 gold), Algeria rose to 4th place, also counting on the successes of its athletes in badminton (1), fencing (1), judo (1), Greco – Roman wrestling (1) and weightlifting. The successful development strategies of these various associations were substantiated by several medals. The other federal associations for collective sport must be inspired by this to catch up.

As a reminder, the 19th edition of the 2022 Mediterranean Games will end this Wednesday, July 6, with the Closing Ceremony scheduled for the Olympic Stadium in Oran. A ceremony that will be particularly marked by the presence of the Franco-Algerian composer DJ Snake, but not on stage. He will only be a guest of the organizers.


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