NHL: Julien Gauthier hopes for better chances to prove himself with Rangers

The New York Rangers announced on Tuesday that they have offered Quebec forward Julien Gauthier a one-year contract extension. Gauthier will be there in his fourth season big apple – a full third.

All was not rosy for the Quebecer last season, who scored three goals and seven points in 49 games. Aside from being limited to Little Ice Age while in uniform, Gauthier saw his usage drop significantly after the trade deadline expired.

“I played 7-8 minutes a game… I don’t know if it’s a real chance. It’s hard to prove yourself by playing 7-8 minutes a night, it’s not easy. It would be nice to be able to say that I had a real chance to prove myself, to show what I can do. Sometimes you can’t do much with a little,” the native of Pointe-aux-Trembles agreed with our colleague Luc Gélinas in an interview on Tuesday.

“I wasn’t the same player when I played seven minutes and when I played 14.”

This season, Gauthier has been capped at an average playing time of 10:18 per game, the lowest total among regular Rangers players. Gauthier has a deep desire to be the author of his own story, and at 24 he intends to be the instigator of his future successes, even though he knows his future in New York is uncertain.

“No matter where I play, I just want to have fun and play on a team. I’m not a guy who chooses where he goes, I just want to have a real chance and play. […] No matter what the scenario, I perform with an attitude of being the best of me, I want to create my chances. »

Despite the disappointments he has endured in recent months, Gauthier refuses to throw in the towel and knows full well he has the tools to succeed at Bettman circuit, provided he has, of course the opportunity to indicate their skills.

“Up until the close of trading I was playing every game pretty well. I saw it coming because it was easy for them (editor’s note: putting Gauthier aside). In the end, that doesn’t mean that your career is over after two or three months. I kept training and working hard,” said Gauthier.

Will he finally get his long-awaited chance at Rangers? To listen to the headmaster concerned, the situation he is in is far from stable.

“My agent negotiated my new contract. Signing up doesn’t necessarily mean staying with the team all year. It is not 100% clear what will happen by the close of trading. »

Next season, Gauthier will receive $800,000. At the end of his contract, he will be a restricted free agent.

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