Logan Cooley’s candidacy is gaining ground

Wright or Slafkowski? such is THE Edition currently in Montreal. Luckily we will have the answer to this one in two small Days on the Bell Center floor. Patience…

According to Renaud Lavoie, it is Juraj Slafkovsky who should go out in the first round and become Canadian property.

Remember, Renaud got a lot of people to react yesterday by saying he’d fall off his chair if the Canadians picked Shane Wright with his first overall pick… and that Bob McKenzie Slafkovsky was on his final list placed first. And that the first player on his June list has always been the first overall pick for as long as that list has existed..

Despite this, Stéphane Leroux ranked Shane Wright at the top of his list ranking ultimately him. Even if there isn’t mock draftthat is, Leroux sees Wright as a better prospect than Slafkovsky…

Leroux also surprised by placing Cutter Gauthier and Joakim Kemell in fourth and fifth, ahead of defenders Simon Nemec and David Jiriceck.

But the third name mentioned by Kent Hughes yesterday AND the third type that pretty much completes everything top three in view of this 2022 draft, people are talking about him this morning. No, Logan Cooley hasn’t said his final word yet.

While Renaud Lavoie believes that the willingness to play in the NHL in the fall is an advantage for Slafkovsky, Dany Dubé believes that developing at an American university far from Montreal, Minnesota, is an advantage for Logan Cooley is is a team like CH that will speak first. A development away from the Montreal circus and with a little less pressure would be a good thing, in Dubé’s view. Going to college after being drafted high in the first round didn’t hurt Cale Makar too much…

We saw with Jesperi Kotkaniemi what playing too early in Montreal can do… and we don’t necessarily need to win next season. #ConnorBedard

Kent Hughes said yesterday that he didn’t want to design the best 18-year-old player, but the best of all available when he reaches 22, 23 or 24. Doesn’t that remind you of Logan Cooley, that statement?

And according to Anthony Martineau, who met each of the prospects and watched several video clips of them, Cooley is the one with the highest ceiling.

At the same time, Hughes sounded like a guy defending his protégé yesterday as he answered questions about Shane Wright’s disappointing production. And Vincent Lecavalier spoke to Shane Wright, but not Cooley or Slafkovsky. At least not yet…

What I do know is that I don’t know anything about the identity of the player who will be picked by the Habs on Thursday night.

According to Martin Leclerc, Kent Hughes already knows who his is Employee will fish early in the first round. But we won’t be with us for 48 hours.

Let’s assume that Kent Hughes’ entourage has historically been much less talkative than Marc Bergevin’s. Bergevin had a habit of wanting to control everything and sacking those who spoke…but often it was he who spoke the most, uh uh.

Damn, I can’t wait to go to bed Thursday night…


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