Hyundai | The Ioniq 6 prepares a stylized answer to the Model 3

South Korean automaker Hyundai continued its thoughtful and progressive conquest of the electric segments last week by unveiling its Ioniq 6 sedan to the world.

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Karl Rene

Karl Rene
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While the mid-size Sonata sedan seems to be enjoying one last respite, this Ioniq 6 symbolizes the brand’s big ambitions in terms of its electrical component and its interest in this type of body.

Based on the same modular platform used by the crossover Ioniq 5 (E-GMP), the model is heavily inspired by the Prophecy design study unveiled in March 2020. Its conical shape ensures an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.21 cx, thus reducing drag and increasing autonomy. The arched roofline, which ends on a fairly low trunk lid criss-crossed by an array of diodes, supports an attitude that is both futuristic and 1990s-inspired, which inevitably sets the model apart from other entries in this segment.

The interior, for its part, seems largely inspired by the Ioniq 5 with the use of a dual-screen handset for the instrumentation and multimedia system. It’s quite refined while emphasizing the horizontality of the rendering, an approach widely used in the industry.


The Hyundai Ioniq 6 is heavily inspired by the Prophecy style study presented in March 2020.

On the technical side, it will take a few weeks to analyze the technical specifications and know the marketing plan.


The interior of the Hyundai Ioniq 6

However, if it inherits the engines used by the Ioniq 5, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions could be offered, with power ranging between 168 hp and 320 hp. The maximum autonomy could undoubtedly exceed the advanced 488 km in the 2WD version, equipped with the most energy-dense battery (77.4 kWh).

The end for the bikesTer

On another front, Hyundai Canada has confirmed to us that its Veloster subcompact will be discontinued after its 2022 model year production phase.


Hyundai Veloster N

The model presented in 2011, with its configuration with three side doors, is one of the interesting curiosities in its segment. Its design is unique and entertaining in N livery, the only one detailed now. The reason for this decision was the arrival of the sporty compact car Elantra N. One compact car less.

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