What is Garland waiting for to impeach Trump?

US Attorney General Merrick Garland hesitates. However, he claims to be following the hearings of the commission on January 6 closely. Trump’s criminality is now evident: he is a sociopath with a mob-like demeanor who runs a criminal enterprise, the GOP. We already knew that. Now it’s confirmed.

Garland cannot walk the attempted coup by Trump and the GOP without consequences.

He is said to be afraid of doing what might look like a partisan attack on the previous government. He should look to South Korea, a democratic country where dishonest presidents were prosecuted.

Yes, I know there is a real threat of violence from the Trumpists who will be protesting the impeachment and later sentencing of their beloved leader. But by not acting, Garland encourages the divisions that are tearing the country apart. The rule of law is currently being threatened by a neo-fascist political party and partisan judges in its service.

grant immunity de facto to Trump and his co-conspirators will confirm the opinion of those who believe that in the United States laws and rules do not apply to the rich and powerful. Trump managed not to answer for his crimes because he is rich. His gold generally takes precedence over justice, as evidenced by the thousands of legal battles that have shaped his life.

A clear and imminent danger

The battle that begins is not between Republicans and Democrats, but theocratic authoritarianism (the deceptive religious fanatics) versus democracy.

The far-right hotheads who dominate the Republican Party want to impose their ideology on the country after having the Supreme Court on their side for decades to come.

Will the country avoid violent unrest and a possible rupture in the coming years? The Constitution and the American political system are no longer adapted to the vicissitudes of the 21st centurye Century. A comprehensive revision of the founding texts of the republic would be necessary.

Perhaps at this point in their history some sort of confederation like the European Union could be a solution. But can we seriously consider dividing the United States into multiple state groupings? Such a re-establishment of the republic is currently unimaginable.

A new leader for the Democrats

The United States is in grave danger. They lack a vigorous and determined leader to stop Trump and the GOP from destroying democracy. Joe Biden is not the man for the job. Under no circumstances should he represent himself.

The rising star of the Democratic Party, current California Governor Gavin Newsom, strikes me as the ideal candidate to beat the Republicans in 2024, whatever their nominee may be. He’s preparing for that.

Newsom has repeatedly warned Democrats recently that they must become more aggressive against Republicans in the culture wars he believes his party is losing.

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