What color other than white should you ever wear?

At the risk of going to the dark side and offending the newlyweds, the wedding guests must observe some rules of conduct. Of course. A protocol that can be broken, however, provided the dress code is observed Bride- authorize it. This can be particularly dangerous with silk, which is known to be the material to be avoided for a ceremony steal the show from the wedding dressusually made of the same fabric.

All in all, if the main prospect doesn’t mind, it’s possible to consider a babydoll dress called a “slip dress” for a wedding. A single exception in the choice of fabric, which does not always apply Colours. And with good reason, if White is strongly discouragedit’s not the only color that’s banned for a guest outfit.

Can you wear white to a wedding?

Unsurprisingly, White tops the list clothing colors to avoid wearing to a wedding. A dress restriction explained by this being the color special reserved for the bridewho certainly wouldn’t appreciate it if another person stormed into their wedding in a dress of the same color as them. On the other hand, contrary to popular belief, the White isn’t the only color not recommendedor even forbidden for guests since the Black That’s the way it is.

Black: a color not to wear to a wedding

Diametrically opposed and yet so complementary, that White and black are not only united to represent yin and yang. Although very different, these hues are both to be avoided when invited to a wedding, as black connotes a negative image in the collective conscience. But not only.

Wedding: Why is wearing black not recommended?

Despite its timelessness and innate elegance, black is not half-hearted. Commonly associated in the West with grief, sadness, and despair, black can be bordering on the subject and confusing at a wedding.

The best fashion alternative therefore remains to rely on invigorating color palettes and toAvoid dark colors no matter what it costs. Candy pink, neon green, retro orange, royal blue, sunshine yellow, beige and all other bright colors thus fall into the formal category.

All in all, if the Black remains your fashion imperative, it is possible to wear one thing on one condition: play the card of discretion. In other words, wear this dark hue sparingly, whether on accessories, a bag, shoes, or headpiece… Provided you rouse your hue with pre-party colors.

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