The New List | Women’s football: USA, the first hurdle Haiti has to overcome to go to Oceania

The Haitian women’s football team, who skimmed the preliminary round of qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup, Australia and New Zealand 2023 and defeated Guatemala (6-0); St Vincent (11-0); British Virgin Islands (21-0) and Cuba (6-0), had a two-week training camp in San José, followed by two international friendlies against Costa Rica, interrupted by a loss (1-2) and a win (4-2) . It is up to the FHF officials to better prepare the Grenadières in a way that gives them the opportunity to trump the pawns and match the giants of their group, namely the USA, Mexico and Jamaica.

To hear national coach Nicolas Delépine, his side are picking up steam alongside Costa Rica at the end of the two-week pre-season and he admits the mood is very good for the Grenadières. Back in the squad after two years, Ruthny Mathurin believes her teammates will be up to the task. Melchie Dumornay is not left out, saying she is ready to fight Haitian opponents while indicating that she respects the Americans, but she is not afraid of Megan Rapinoe’s teammates.

Workers from both countries (Haiti and USA)

To Rapinoe (36 years old); USA coach Alexandra Morgan Carrasco (33) and Aubrey Renee Kingsbury (30) only rejuvenate the star-studded squad by integrating talented footballers, including Margaret Purce (26). old), Sophia Olivia Smith (23 years old), Mallory Diane Pugh (22 years old), Catarina Macario (24 years old), Emily Ann Fox (23 years old) and not forgetting players already confirmed at the highest level of world football , like Casey Grace Murphy (26) and Ashley Marie Hatch (27).

As for Haiti, the hard core of his selection consists of players who have made their mark in Haitian women’s football (U15, U17, U20 and seniors) and who mostly play in France, ie in D1 Arkema : Nérilia My Desire ; Melchie Dumornay; Batcheba Louis; Roselord Borgella and Kethna Louis and in D2: Roseline Eloissaint; Sherly Jeudy; Mikerline Saint-Felix; Surprised Chelsea; Jennyfer Limage; Tabita Joseph and Bethina’s little brother. In this little exercise we should also mention the presence of Milan Pierre-Jérôme, Lara Larco, Claire Constant, a freshman, and Ruthny Mathurin, who are having the best days of their soccer team at university level in the United States of America. .

If the American team does not appear to have any weak points, the situation is very different for Haiti, which is strengthening its workforce with young players (U20) who are certainly talented but have not competed since May 22, 2021 and who became smiled at by the USA (6-0) in the round of 16 of the CONCACAF U20 championship in the Dominican Republic on March 8, 2022. In four months, will these young grenadières be ready to face the machine that represents the American team?

Preparation of the two countries (USA – Haiti)

From February 23 to June 28, 2022, the American played five friendlies, scoring 28 goals and conceding just one small goal in the 9-1 win in the first game against Uzbekistan before winning the second (9-0). They also defeated Iceland (5-0) and recently won against Colombia (3-0) and (2-0) to complete their preparation for the CONCACAF Women’s Championship, to be played from July 4th to 18th in Monterrey, Mexico becomes.

The Haitians were entitled to a two-week training camp in Costa Rica, played two international friendlies in passing for a record defeat (2-1) and what Nicolas Delépine called historic victory (4-2). . From February 17 to June 28, they played six games: 5 wins, 1 loss, 49 goals scored and 4 goals conceded.

story face to face

From April 24, 1991 at Sylvio Cator Stadium during the first edition of the CONCACAF Women’s Championship to January 28, 2020, Americans and Haitians faced each other five times. During the first encounter, despite playing at home, the Grenadières were humiliated by the future world champion (10-0). On October 28, 2010, Haiti halved the goal difference with a 0-5 win. The two countries had played two more games in 2015, the win (5-0) on September 17 for the Americans, who would do it again three days later on September 20 (8-0). Closer to us, on January 28, 2020, during the final stages of the qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics, the band of Nérilia, Melchie, Kethna, Batcheba and Roseline Eloissaint, who scored a goal with a header, but was able to by the central referee was denied avoiding defeat (0-4) against the American machine. However, it should be noted that this is the lowest score a senior Haitian selection (female) has achieved against the United States of America.

Given the history of the clash between the two selections and the forces (players) present, the Americans have the favor of the predictions. However, the hard core of the Grenadières has very fond memories of the Americans in the junior class. To say that, in addition to proper preparation in San Jose, Costa Rica, one must believe that they will not present themselves to the United States of America as an atonement, and this despite their status as world number one in the FIFA rankings and two-time world champion .

The appointment is made for this Monday, July 4th, at the Estadio Universitario de Nuevo Leon (San Nicolas de los Garza) between the women’s selections of the United States of America and Haiti to get a first idea of ​​the behavior of the women grenadières in the CONCACAF Women’s Championship, qualifying for the FIFA World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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