Russian companies were soon mobilized to support the war effort | war in Ukraine

One provides that companies accept government contracts for goods and services related to a special military operationa term Moscow uses for its offensive in Ukraine, not to talk about war.

The other will amend the labor code to allow the Kremlin to regulate working hours to force employees at these companies to work nights, weekends, public holidays and annual leave.

Both bills passed the first stage of reading in the Duma. They still need to go through two more readings and be scrutinized by the Senate before President Putin enacts them.

The outcome of this parliamentary scrutiny is unquestionable since President Putin has total control of Parliament.

Introducing these two calculations special measures in the economic area were also presented to the Duma last week on the initiative of the Kremlin.

Once enacted, they will allow the Russian executive branch to implement some form of corporate mobilization on behalf of the Russian military.

In a statement sent to the Duma along with the bills, the Kremlin says its offensive in Ukraine has exposed supply shortages, particularly in the repair of military equipment.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov repeated this argument on Tuesday, telling the Duma that the bills were being driven by the need to support the military at a time when Russia’s economy is suffering. colossal pressure by westerners.

The burden on the defense industry has increased significantly. In order to ensure the supply of weapons and ammunition, it is necessary to optimize the work of the military-industrial complex. »

A quote from Yuri Borissov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

As the West increases its military presence on Russia’s border, escalates pressure with sanctions, increases its arms sales to Ukraine, the importance of passing these laws cannot be overstated.he added.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) effectively began the process of integrating Sweden and Finland into its ranks on Tuesday. The 30 member countries of the alliance, including Turkey, must now ratify everything.

Russia’s territorial gains in Ukraine are tangible but are being bought at heavy losses in material and lives, according to Ukrainian and US and British intelligence agencies. The failed offensive against Kyiv early in the war was particularly costly on both counts.

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Service said over the weekend that Russian military repair factories are turning down Kremlin contracts because they have not been paid for previous services. This information cannot be validated.

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