RUMOR! Marc-André Fleury (with discount) in Toronto or Colorado

NHL Draft Week isn’t just the week that 18-year-old prospects are drafted by a Bettman Tour team. It’s also a week when deals (and deal rumours, in particular) are the order of the day. And it’s also the week before the free agent market opens.

Pierre LeBrun summarized some of the information he heard in his last post on the website the athlete.

In particular, we learn…

1. That Filip Forsberg’s agent and the Predators’ GM aren’t very far apart. Forsberg, who is freelancing next week, is reportedly seeking a multi-year deal with an average annual salary of between $8.5 million and $9 million. That Preds, they would have offered him between 8 and 8.5 million dollars. We still have a few days to come to an agreement.

Has Filip Forsberg AND Will Johnny Gaudreau both find themselves in the free agent market at the same time? Will the two players come to terms with their respective teams? Will one replace the other?

2. That Claude Giroux, who had a house built in the Ottawa region, would not only interest the Senators and the Maple Leafs (the two teams from Ontario). The Panthers would love to find a way to bring Giroux back to Florida … but the Oilers, especially if they can’t keep Evander Kane, could also make Giroux a serious offer. Would it be attractive for the Franco-Ontarian to play alongside McDavid or Draisaitl?

Giroux would like at least a two-year contract and a chance to win the Stanley Cup.

3. That Allan Walsh met Marc-André Fleury yesterday in the Montreal area. The Wild would love to keep Fleury’s services, but the Maple Leafs and the Avalanche need to be watched (Fleury really would have ended up in Denver last spring). Fleury would now be ready to accept an order from the leaves to LeBrun. The waltz of the goalies (Fleury, Campbell, Husso, Kuemper etc.) will be interesting to follow over the next few days.

Note that Fleury would have to take a significant drop in salary to end up in Toronto or Denver. But to have a chance to win the cup, sometimes you have to make compromises…

Also note that I don’t see Marc-André Fleury signing with the Canadiens. The ongoing uncertainty surrounding Carey Price’s knee and Montreal Reconstruction makes that possibility very remote. But the possibility of seeing him return to Pittsburgh is still there, it…

4. That the penguins Kris Letang and Evgeni Malkin initially offered two-year contracts, but agreed climb three since. Remember Crosby still has three years of contract at Pittsburgh, him. Both players would be willing to accept a cap hit lower in exchange for a fourth year of contract. Letang is said to remain in Pittsburgh, according to LeBrun, but there’s more at stake blurred regarding Malkin.

Pierre LeBrun also spoke about Ilya Mikheyev’s very high demands and the possibility that the Sharks and Evander Kane will reach an out-of-court settlement in the next few hours to settle the dispute between them. Kane could then negotiate with the 32 NHL teams on July 13.

I invite you to read LeBrun’s text in full. We learn some interesting little details. I’m curious who ends up where…


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