A camping project worries citizens

A camping project under construction at Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix in Lac-Saint-Jean is worrying the citizens of the sector.

These residents fear the inconveniences involved in operating the future 55-seat site. The proximity of the future Clarence campsite, Rue Saint-André, is likely to annoy the neighborhood.

Anne-Renée Gagnon, who lives right next to the access road, initially saw no inconvenience.

“Thought it would bring activity to the area!” she said.

The developer, Claveau et Fils of Saguenay, acquired the 2.8 hectare property in November 2018. Development of the 55 properties is ongoing. The site is managed by a cooperative.

A camping project worries citizens

Relations with the neighborhood reportedly deteriorated in December 2020. Mme Gagnon regrets the uprooting of three mature trees on his property.

“On December 24, I was woken up by the sound of machinery and I saw the three uprooted trees and part of the fence,” she said. “The foreman asked me what I wanted in compensation but it never went any further so I don’t know if we’ll come to an agreement yet.”

Still on Rue Saint-André, two years ago Katie Thibodeau and her spouse, who live in Quebec, thought they had purchased the ideal second home. Camping was just a project back then.

“The agent told me that there is a project that has been discussed for several years, but it is hanging at the environmental level and therefore there is little chance that it will be realized,” stressed M.me Thibodeau.

Today the owner is surprised by the scale of the project. The campsite will actually occupy the entire field of view that its own location offers. She and her husband have completely renovated the more than 100-year-old house and now want to invest in a fence.

“It will be a significant investment. If you come over the weekend don’t get a look at the trailers!” she explained.

“What worries me is the noise, the people staying up late, the loud music…”

A camping project worries citizens

The municipality ensures that the applicant meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Environment. She had accepted the project to generate economic activity.

“What is certain is that we will monitor compliance with municipal regulations,” said Mayor André Fortin.

In the event of differences of opinion between citizens and the client, the city can act as a mediator, he added, “to the extent possible”.

“All I want is for them to respect my country,” said Anne-Renée Gagnon.

Claveau et Fils would not grant an interview.

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