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Which page ?

Do left-handers get more attention in football or are they so rare that they become more popular or desirable (Messi, Griezmann, Salah, Maradona etc.)?

Martin Levac

Answer from Jean-François Téotonio:

In soccer, kicking with your left foot has a certain advantage. With more than 80% of gamers being right-handed, being left-handed brings a significant amount of unpredictability. Left-handed people make up only 10% of the world’s population. For professional footballers, however, the proportion rises to around 20%. One would think that, as you imply, they are therefore more desirable. Or while some of them have forced their dual wielding. The first hypothesis seems more likely to me.

Of course, Lionel Messi’s left-handedness isn’t the only guarantee of his success. But it’s true that left-handers are over-represented on the board of the best players in history. You named a few. In particular, there were Johan Cruyff, Ryan Giggs, Alfredo Di Stefano. We are currently talking about Riyad Mahrez, Erling Haaland, Kai Havertz and Bukayo Saka, among others.

The celebration of too many

In football, the players often celebrate demonstratively after a good game, I find that by the way high fiveDuring these celebrations, he gives himself a lot of slaps in the shoulder, bangs on his helmet and, most importantly, almost violent smacks on the head. Seems like this will keep players playing with their health, right? Are there bodies in the leagues that have already looked into the possible negative consequences of these practices?

Philip Dube

Response from Miguel Bujold:

Indeed, at a certain time, we have often seen celebrations such as you describe, especially the slaps in the face. But we’re seeing this type of celebration less and less, probably because players are realizing it’s unnecessary and dangerous. It would be very difficult to analyze the impact of this type of celebration, since it would be impossible to know whether the celebration or the game as such is at the origin of the negative consequences you are talking about.

A well deserved reward

What is the average salary of a referee and linesman in the NHL? And by the way, how does it compare to other sports?

Andre Demers

Answer from Alexander Pratt:

Salary varies greatly based on years of service. According to the contract, it’s $213,142 for an inexperienced referee. For a 16-year veteran, it’s $465,919. It is possible to increase your income by acting during the playoffs. Line judges’ base salaries ranged from $137,845 to $284,904. These are salaries comparable to those in the NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball.


Salaries for umpires and linesmen in the NHL are comparable to those in the NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball.

Radio silence at the Expos

Since Montreal and Tampa rejected the concept of joint custody of the Rays, there has been radio silence on the rest of things. If Montreal has such a legendary passion for baseball as Jackie Robinson, is there no reason to revive the Royals rather than the Expos? […] Wouldn’t that be the best long-term move to fix the Expos’ short-sighted slip? Wouldn’t it be easier to get a minor league franchise than a big club?

Jean Francois L’Heureux

Answer from Alexander Pratt:

Contrary to popular belief, there is a passion for baseball in Quebec. In fact, enrollments this summer have reached their highest level since the 1990s. The time has come to build a AAA-caliber team in the Montreal region. The problem ? Stadion. Renting the Olympic Stadium would cripple the team’s finances. And there are no other alternatives in the metropolitan region. The owners should build a new stadium. Not impossible, but unlikely in the medium term.

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