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Eric Le Francois

Eric Le Francois
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Limited selection

Our budget for a non-plug-in hybrid vehicle is between $45,000 and $50,000, and the vehicle must be able to tow a load of up to 3000 pounds. What do you advise us?


At the moment the selection is very small. In fact, only one vehicle and two of its variants meet your criteria: the Toyota Highlander Hybrid (starting at $46,750). It can tow up to 3500 lbs. Another model – Mazda’s CX-50 – will add a hybrid (non-rechargeable) version to its lineup this fall. Unfortunately, we don’t have confirmation of his towing capacity for now.

prepare for retirement


Subaru Cross Trek

We have a 2007 Nissan Versa in very good condition and a well maintained 2012 CR-V. As we are retiring in 2023, we plan to plan to purchase a non-plug-in hybrid SUV later (2023-2024) as we regularly commute long distances for fishing and other leisure activities. We don’t have fancy tastes and are looking for value for money/reliability for two, economical and with good cargo space. What’s your recommendation?

Louise L

Subaru’s future Crosstrek hybrid, scheduled for initial release in a few months, will no doubt be worth seeing for its history (toughness and reliability). Only, here it is, it will likely be rechargeable (as it currently is). In that case, your best bet right now is the Toyota Corolla Cross (a conventional wireless hybrid vehicle).

The right price


Be aware of the prices that vary at vendors along the way.

Does the dealer have the right to change the price between the time the order was placed (we still paid a deposit on the transaction) and the time the vehicle was delivered?

Sylvain M

A deposit or prior agreement is not a contract. You are only bound once you have signed the financing contract. You can therefore reject the changed price. You are also under no obligation to complete the transaction. However, the trader is still obliged to respect this prior agreement and must therefore comply with the price they have agreed with you.

Also, if you sign a document to reserve your spot on a waiting list (with a refundable deposit, of course), you’ll likely receive an estimate. This is not necessarily the fee you pay when the vehicle is delivered.



Hyundai Tucson hybrid

As the owner of a 2008 Lexus ES-350 (165,000 miles), we are considering replacing this super comfortable vehicle, which unfortunately comes at a significant cost due to its service record. What is non-negotiable is our choice: a plug-in hybrid or a non-electric vehicle. My wife, who is the primary driver, wants to replace our current sedan with a small, easier to park SUV like the 2023 Corolla Cross, full hybrid AWD. We exclude the Lexus because of the required travel from Shawinigan to Quebec. Accustomed to the comfort of the Lexus, we prefer a well-equipped, reliable vehicle that is characterized by smooth running, good road holding and very good soundproofing.

Claude G

The Corolla cross-hybrid is a good choice, but you could also consider the Hyundai Tucson (this may or may not be plug-in depending on the version), which has the added benefit of an even more generous warranty and a less nagging automatic transmission offers . . From then on, saying that these two vehicles will offer you every bit as much comfort as your Lexus does, there’s one step we won’t take.

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