To end the schoolgirl fantasy

A petition started by college girls is circulating in England to end the use of lingerie designed to look like schoolgirl clothes in the sex industry. One of the goals: to make the streets safer for young people in uniform. A question that concerns stakeholders here as well.

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Elise Fiola

Elise Fiola
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Sarah Maile, professor and representative of the movement, is committed to ensuring that the issue reaches the government and stimulates society to think. “What’s heartbreaking is that we have 14-, 15-, 16-, and 17-year-old girls saying to their government, ‘Please, can you stop our society from sexualizing our school uniform?’ summarizes the one we joined in England.

“Our young people don’t feel secure in their movements because we’ve trivialized the sexualization of this costume, and I find that problematic,” said Cathie Gaudreault, sexologist and fellow at Regina Assumpta College.

“Many young people choose to take off their skirts to use public transport. Many shorten it in school to a matter of looks, acceptance, confidence. But once they’re out, they undo the skirt’s twists to have it for as long as possible,” she notes.

Hypersexualized minors

“We agree that eroticizing a child is socially unacceptable, but that’s what happens when we eroticize the image of the schoolgirl,” admits Véronique Jodoin, sexologist, educator and psychotherapist.

This schoolgirl fantasy has been instilled in our society for a long time, and among the young girls walking the streets there are some who feel watched or hypersexualized because of their uniform.

Véronique Jodoin, sexologist, educator and psychotherapist

Cathie Gaudreault no longer counts how many examples of aggressive remarks, indecent suggestions and inappropriate gestures related to wearing a schoolgirl skirt have been entrusted to her. “Yes, there is touching, even hands on the thighs, under the skirt, in the middle of the subway, in the middle of the bus,” denounces the sexologist, who works with young people in uniform every day.

“How can we live in situations where our society seems to tolerate this behavior? », outraged Sarah Maile.

Between Consensual Adults

Fetishes are varied and valid, explains Véronique Amato, director of the erotic shop 50 Shades for seven years. “In these kinds of costumes, if we’re talking about classics, it’s the nurse, the schoolgirl, the cleaning lady [qui se démarquent]. But the schoolgirl always wins; in all ages, all sizes and all shapes. Nevertheless, the sale of such lingerie remains a minimal part of the turnover.

  • Schoolgirl costume sold in an adult store


    Schoolgirl costume sold in an adult store

  • Schoolgirl costume sold in an adult store


    Schoolgirl costume sold in an adult store

  • Schoolgirl costume sold in an adult store


    Schoolgirl costume sold in an adult store


This also applies to Céline Roussel, co-owner of the erotic shop franchise La Clé du Plaisir, which also sells about ten a year. She would therefore see no problem in removing these types of products from her shelves upon request.

However, Véronique Amato claims that the universe of fetishism is “vast and immeasurable”. A person can then be sexually aroused by a sexy schoolgirl costume without being attracted to younger ones. So she compares the various sexual role-playing games and finds that all parties are of legal age and able to consent.

A past trend?

“We feel that [les scénarios qui mettent de l’avant ce type de costume] less fashionable today, but a few years ago it was something trendy, a bit like babysitting,” notes Nicola Lafleur, owner of Quebec porn film production company Productions Pegas, who wouldn’t mind abolishing the practice.

“In the erotic fantasy there is something exciting in the forbidden. If we look at porn, which has evolved a lot since the 1970s, we will increasingly eroticize such scenarios that are socially unacceptable. For example, a mother-in-law and her son-in-law, or a father and his daughter,” says sexologist Véronique Jodoin. “And there’s nothing wrong with using scenarios in our head, as long as it stays fictional and we understand the difference,” adds the one who also works with students at College Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes.

According to Cathie Gaudreault, however, the parallel between sexualization and adolescence remains dubious.

You have to distinguish between sexuality, fantasies, fetishes. Everything is possible. We know well, sexualities are all the same, but when it comes to compromising our integrity as a child or teenager, I find it questionable.

Cathie Gaudreault, sexologist and fellow at Regina Assumpta College

Sarah Maile reiterates this uneasiness: “Finally, without disrespect to nurses, firefighters or nuns, the school uniform is very striking because it is a children’s costume and therefore I do not see any sexualization of children as a fetish. The sexualization of children is unacceptable. »

Mme Gaudreault hopes society will take the time to question itself and revise its positions, going so far as to “clean up” the Halloween costume offering with sexual connotations. “I know many students who would like to start a petition like the one in England to stop this kind of use of the schoolgirl’s picture; so they have the right to be school girls without being sexy school girls. »

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