The Alouettes break up in Saskatchewan

The Alouettes arrived in Regina wanting to beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the second straight week. However, the locals had other plans and mistreated the Montrealers, resulting in a 41-20 loss on Saturday night.

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Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard
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Last week, the Sparrows made short work of the Roughriders in Montreal. A football lesson that ended with a score of 37 to 13.

Over the past week, players and coaches have been reminding us not to come onto the prairie with an overdose of confidence on the sidelines of this back-and-forth duel. Playing at Mosaic Stadium is never an easy task, especially when the mood is festive like this weekend when we celebrate Canada Day.

The Alouettes also wanted to go on holiday with peace of mind as the team is on hiatus next week.

However, the defense that had been the spark plug in the last game failed. Nothing went as planned for the Montrealers.

The team sinks the third quarter

The start of the game was hotly contested and the first quarter went in favor of the Alouettes. The men in green took a 7-3 lead thanks to a Mitchell Picton pass in the end zone, but the Montrealers responded immediately. A team revelation this season, Chandler Worthy returned the Roughriders punt 84 yards into the end zone to put the Alouettes back in front. It was his second touchdown in two games on a punt return.


Chandler-worthy (30)

While the first half ended 13-11 in favor of the Alouettes, it all fell apart when Khari Jones’ side returned from the dressing room.

Roughriders running back Jamal Morrow, just over 90 seconds into the third quarter, scored a major as he put up the 13 yards that separated him from the end zone.

After that, they pounded the Alouettes with running and exploited the outside borders game after game. Nothing was going well for the visitors’ defense and the locals took advantage.

The dominance was so great that the Alouettes players lost patience. The first was Michael Wakefield. The defender received two unsportsmanlike penalties and was thrown out of the game as a result. The pressure on the Als and the sneaking around of quarterback Cody Fajardo didn’t help their cause. Neither did Morrow’s successful two-point conversion. He finished the game with 103 rushing yards.

Kian Schaffer-Baker ended any hope of a comeback for the Alouettes by scoring the team’s third touchdown in the third quarter. A touchdown pass for 44 yards, scored again due to poor perimeter coverage by the Montrealers.

In the fourth quarter, the Alouettes continued to lose despite a Walter Fletcher touchdown. Nick Marshall used a soft and predictable pass from Trevor Harris to intercept the ball and score the fatal touchdown from 90 yards.


The Alouettes lost for the third time this season. In addition, their three defeats occurred in opposing courts.


Quarterback Trevor Harris (7)

Khari Jones and his team have a week to set the record straight. They will host the Edmonton Elks on July 14th. By then, Jones must decide if he wants to restart Harris in the fight. The quarterback completed 18 of 26 passes and had 198 yards, but he had no touchdown passes and two interceptions.

Vernon Adams is ready to take over. It was he who ended the game for the Sparrows.

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