The Alouettes break up in Saskatchewan

The Montreal Alouettes had a disastrous second half, losing 41-20 to the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday.

The “Riders” (3:1) took revenge for the dry defeat of 37:13 against the “Als” (1:3) on June 23rd.

Trailing 13-11 after two quarters, Team Saskatchewan picked up steam when Als head coach Khari Jones seemed to have lost control of his ship.

After respecting the game plan in the first part of the duel, the Sparrows fell into their hosts’ trap and multiplied acts of indiscipline. The result: a third quarter completely dominated by the crowd’s favourites, who beat their rivals 21-0.

Defensive lineman Michael Wakefield was thrown out of the game after suffering two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties within moments.

Jamal Morrow first ran for 12 yards in the end zone before Cody Fajardo matched him minutes later with a sneak from the quarter for his second success on the floor.

He excelled in the second half. He also had a brief snap at Canada receiver Kian Schaffer-Baker, who went for 44 yards before extending the lead to 18.

Fajardo finished the game with 224 passing yards and two touchdowns. Recall that the Montreal defense inflicted eight quarterback sacks on him during the Roughriders’ visit to Percival-Molson Stadium.

Alouette’s quarterback Trevor Harris has had better games. He had no touchdown passes and was the victim of two steals, including one that led to a Nick Marshall touchdown late in the game.

Worthy stands out again

Returnee Chandler Worthy continued to prove he’s more than just a backup while awaiting the return of Mario Alford. He capitalized on an excellent block from Quebecers Philippe Gagnon, Régis Cibasu and Christophe Normand to put forward 84 yards and earn his team’s first major of the game.

Worthy became the second player in Canadian Football League history to score a touchdown on a kick return in two consecutive games.

Running back Walter Fletcher scored the Als’ other touchdown, a three-yard run in the fourth quarter.

The Alouettes are entitled to 12 days off before hosting the Edmonton Elks in Montreal.

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