Death of journalist Abu Akleh | Israel will examine the ball and not the Americans

(Jerusalem) Israeli and non-US experts will examine the bullet that killed American-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in May to determine the circumstances of her death, the Israeli army said on Sunday.

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On Saturday, Palestinian prosecutor Akram Al-Khatib said the fatal bullet aimed at the Al Jazeera TV journalist, who was killed on May 11 while covering an Israeli military operation in the occupied West Bank, was by Americans to the United States for an expert report been handed over to experts.

The Palestinian Authority has always refused to hand over the bullet to the Israeli army, which the Palestinian authorities, Al Jazeera, Qatar and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights have accused of killing the journalist.

“The test will not be American, the test will be an Israeli test with an American presence,” military spokesman Ran Kochav told Army Radio.

“We are awaiting the results, if we killed them we will take responsibility,” he added, without specifying whether the expertise had started or not.

The Palestinian Authority did not immediately officially comment on these Israeli statements, but a Palestinian official told AFP on condition of anonymity that they raise questions about whether “the Americans can be trusted.

Palestinian sources in Ramallah, the West Bank seat of the Palestinian Authority, said on Saturday that the assessment would be conducted by American experts at the United States Embassy in Jerusalem.

According to the Palestinian inquiry, Al Jazeera’s star journalist was killed by a 556mm caliber bullet fired by an Israeli soldier using an M-14 semi-automatic weapon.

Journalistic research also points in the direction of the Israeli army.

Israel has denied all of these allegations.

The Israeli army keeps saying it’s “impossible to tell if [la journaliste] was killed by a Palestinian gunman firing indiscriminately in the area she was in, or accidentally by an Israeli soldier.”

She also called the Palestinian Authority many times, but to no avail, to give her the fatal bullet, which the military says is the only way to really determine who fired. The Palestinians had asked the Israelis to hand them over the suspect weapon.

The journalist was wearing a bulletproof jacket that said “Press” and a hard hat when she was hit by a bullet just below the cut of her helmet outside the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967.

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