Chaos at airports: flight attendants experience real ordeal in flight

In the airline industry, in the midst of a crisis, flight attendants in Montreal can no longer bear to be threatened, insulted and even physically attacked by passengers unhappy with the delays.

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“However, I was so excited to get back to work after the pandemic. It was fine for the first few months, but it’s quickly deteriorated since everyone started traveling again,” said Marie, who works for Air Canada.

Like the other three flight attendants with them The newspaper spoke, she requested anonymity as she is not authorized to speak to the media.

She was recently insulted by several passengers after a flight from London was cancelled.

“It’s not our fault and it’s boring for us when a flight is canceled because we come back a day or two later. We are not paid to wait abroad. And we have families and lives outside of work,” she explained.

Insults galore

The aviation industry is being overwhelmed by an increase in passenger numbers, which leads to numerous delays and flight cancellations. The passengers are nervous and vent their anger on the employees (see testimonials below), regret these four flight attendants.

Cynthia, who also works for Air Canada, explains that as a “dumb, female dog and incompetent” has become more and more recurring for her.

A flight attendant shows off the bruises inflicted on her by passengers mid-flight.

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A flight attendant shows off the bruises inflicted on her by passengers mid-flight.

Impatient ones will even physically attack them, such as squeezing their arm or kicking their legs, to the point of bruising them. All to get her attention when she’s serving the meals.

Nowadays, it often happens that after a landing, the officials are asked not to let passengers off the plane onto the tarmac because there are already too many people in the corridor.


“We threaten to open the emergency exits, attack each other, we are yelled at. I even got pushed by a man. It’s crazy. Having to put up with people like that on every flight is abuse,” a WestJet employee dropped.

Via email, his airline admits that frontline workers are dealing with “a very difficult travel environment with the highest number of guests since the beginning of the pandemic”.

For its part, Air Canada ensures that it does not tolerate any form of aggression or hostility towards its employees.

what they went through


Two weeks ago, a WestJet flight attendant was already on the plane when the flight from a Caribbean island to Toronto was suddenly cancelled.

Angry passengers chased her to the door of her hotel room, yelled at her and insulted her.

“People have been unpredictable since the pandemic, so I was terrified. I felt threatened that night and not really safe because they knew what room I was sleeping in,” she said.


On a flight between Halifax and Montreal, a flight attendant who chose not to give her name had to stop a man who was steaming in the toilet. This triggered the smoke alarm system.

Unhappily, the passenger, who seemed to have a few drinks up his nose and would be spending the weekend in Montreal for F1, pushed the Montrealer. She hit her head on the overhead compartment. He was escorted off the plane by security forces, but members of his group spray-painted ” fuck you Air Canada” on the passenger boarding bridge.

On another flight, she had to intervene with an aggressive American traveler. He had just slapped his colleague on the hand, who merely asked him to put his mask back on.


On an Air Canada flight between London and Montreal, flight attendant Marie was yelled at and even pushed by an angry mother because there was no space in the cabin to carry her stroller.


During a flight between Cayo Coco and Montreal, an English speaking pilot announced there would be a small delay. Flight attendant Cynthia took the intercom microphone to repeat the announcement, but in French. Then an angry passenger started yelling at him in front of everyone.

The same Air Canada agent also found feces in an alley after a flight between Dublin and Montreal.

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