Amputated leg: He keeps progressing

Although he lost his left leg at the age of 4 due to a silly accident caused by his father’s lawnmower blades, a teenager from Saint-Ludger in the Eastern Townships decided there was nothing wrong in stopping him from doing so , to come forward.

Alexis Faucher was playing outdoors in 2011 when he accidentally found himself in a ditch under the lawn tractor his father was driving. The blades did irreparable damage to his leg. Alexis spent two months in the hospital, including three weeks in intensive care. Despite multiple surgeries and multiple blood transfusions, he was amputated below the left knee.

“We’ve always tried to keep life as normal as possible,” said the 14-year-old’s mother, Magalie Lapierre. I stayed positive. I knew that there were prostheses and that he could make a living. We always told him he could do it.”

Every day, the lead prospect proves that nothing can stop them. Last May, Alexis Faucher was spotted on a soccer field at Telus Stadium in Quebec City while attending a jamboree with Polyvalente Bélanger.

The somewhat shy young man does not describe himself as a young daredevil. However, his day-to-day life is impressive. In addition to badminton, tennis, soccer and hockey, the list of sports practiced by Alexis is getting longer and longer.

“He’s very persistent,” said Magalie Lapierre. Nothing stops him. Currently his leg is not in the best condition as the prosthesis sometimes causes injuries. It never seems to hurt him, it’s always okay with him. He seems to be saying to himself, “Let me go, I’ll keep going”.

Amputated leg: He keeps progressing

No pity

The family never wanted Alexis to be pitied when he was successful.

“Too bad, we don’t want it,” said his mother. If I had any advice for parents, it would be to not cover up your child too much. It’s okay in life to surpass yourself to get ahead.

“I’m proud to see him go,” she added. It gives me a bad feeling when I see young people his age complaining that they don’t have a handicap and I still see my guy running.

His amputation does not prevent him from pursuing physical labor.

“I want to do the same as my father, let Alexis Faucher know. I want to work on farms and take over his snow removal company.”

“Things need to move with Alexis,” his mom continued! Whether in sport or in life. It will always be a challenge for him, but he is a manual boy used to overcoming obstacles.

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