To catch up on all the TV this summer!

It can rain all summer long. non-stop, Gender. It could be that a Canadian airline screwed up your short break to Mykonos by canceling your flight at the last damn minute. Bye, fresh Greek salad and creamy taramosalata.

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Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport could collapse and disappear, phew! under a mountain of lost suitcases or “waiting” to be found again. In short, you could screw up your vacation and be left in the water of your own swimming pool.

Solution ? Training for a marathon…of television. You will read books in winter. During the holidays you climb Mont Saint-Hilaire. It’s time to finally make your subscriptions to all those digital platforms that fill up your monthly credit card bills profitable. Here is a list of titles that will enrich your discussions parties Terrace, between two Lou Bega songs.

heart stopping (netflix)

The Brits know how to tell adolescence without turning their heads completely euphoria. In the touching series heart stopping, an introverted and openly gay teenager, Charlie has a crush on his high school rugby star, Nick. The two comrades are just becoming friends, and what happens after the break will throw you off your couch (or not)! This is an intelligent and timely series that speaks straight to the heart, in French and English.

That’s how I love you 2 (Extra from


Micheline Paquette (Karine Gonthier-Hyndman), Huguette Delisle (Marilyn Castonguay) and Marie-Josée (Sophie Desmarais) in That’s how I love you 2

After a year off, our four favorite bosses from Sainte-Foy are taking the reins of their crime empire. End the embargo! But in this International Women’s Year, Huguette (Marilyn Castonguay) is going through a major postpartum period that blurs her tiger eye. Additionally, the arrival of Gaétan 2 (Steve Laplante) undermines the influence of Gaétan 1 (François Létourneau) and the hiring of Serge (Patrice Robitaille) creates covetousness. Will our Sunday criminals discover the identity of the whore who saved her life? Yes, it all fits together, I promise.

The stairs (craves)

What ? A fiction series about a “real crime” whose outcome we already know? Yes sir, yes madam. And it’s great. This eight-episode production follows the bizarre death of the wife (Toni Collette) of a well-known North Carolina writer (Colin Firth). Did the victim fall down the stairs or was she murdered in cold blood by her husband who led a double life? The extended family is torn apart and unexpected twists and turns make us doubt each element of the process to this day. The French version is called suspicion. You are welcome.

Audrey came back (Club Ilco)


Florence Longpré in the series Audrey came back

Victim of a serious accident at the age of 17, Audrey (Florence Longpré) falls into a coma and wakes up 18 years later at the age of 35. Everything has changed around Audrey, who has to relearn every gesture of her daily life. This amazing comedy-drama is unlike anything else. It takes a long time to tame this Audrey. But give it a chance, that is, at least three episodes.

The Dropout (Disney+)

There are a variety of series about the collapse of technology companies (We crashed, Super pumped). In my opinion, the best remains the one about Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried), founder of the medical company Theranos. At 19, Elizabeth Holmes promised pharmaceutical companies the impossible: a handheld device that would test a drop of blood without going through expensive labs. This is a first lie that will trigger another until the trap of this brilliant, megalomaniac young woman snaps shut.

A criminal case (craves)


Celine Bonnier is the focus of the miniseries A criminal case.

In this miniseries directed by Joanne Arseneau (Various facts) about a borderline dysfunctional Mother Courage who has been fighting for 15 years to get her son (Maxime-Olivier Potvin) out of prison. This thriller begins in 2005 with an afterball where a college student dies when he’s hit by a car. Shortly thereafter, the driver who hit them was also killed. uh-oh Since everyone in Saint-Bruno knows each other, this mysterious affair stirs up a bunch of dusty memories and shines the spotlight on a police force corrupt to the core.

severance pay (AppleTV+)

Imagine having a microchip implanted in your brain allowing you to separate your office life from your home life. Would you accept to host it? The dystopian thriller severance pay (dissociationin French) tackles this issue at the black mirror in a brilliant and disturbing way. It takes off slowly, but the end will cut you off. The visual bill is great, and the distribution throws in Patricia Arquette, Adam Scott, John Turturro, and Christopher Walken. One of the most original productions of 2022.

hacks (craves)

Probably my favorite comedy of 2022 (and 2021 too). The second season of hacks surpasses the first who has already achieved brilliant levels of humor. On a modest tour of the four corners of the United States to break in her gear, comedian Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), just over 60, finds neither her rhythm nor the current gags that suit her. Her writing partner, the very millennial Ava (Hannah Einbinder), tries to guide her, but the two women keep arguing while losing touch with one another. It’s funny and sophisticated at the same time. The lesbian cruise episode will be a classic.

The tourist (Amazon Prime video)


Jamie Dornan in The tourist

An Irish tourist (Jamie Dornan) wakes up in a remote Australian hospital with his memory reset. What is his name ? What is his job? Does he have a family? He does not know. He has neither phone nor wallet with him. The only thing the tourist has is an address written on a piece of paper. Then begins a western – in English and French – that explodes, taking you onto the dusty roads of the glorious Australian countryside. Buckle up for a dizzying ride on the carousel.

We own this city (craves)

fans of The cable, this series from the same creators is yours. We follow an elite Baltimore police team that operates like a street gang. Corruption, violence, racism, abuse of power, anything goes. This 100% true story comes from a book written by an investigative journalist from the USA Baltimore sun. The first episode is airtight, don’t be discouraged, the sequel is proving to be top-flight.

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