Samuel Montembeault’s rehabilitation will be completed in two weeks

Everyone knows that the Montreal Canadiens’ goalie situation is VERY nebulous right now.

All of this is largely because we still don’t know if Carey Price can start next season or just play in the NHL again.

It’s not for nothing that Kent Hughes has his eye on several young goaltenders across the NHL.

Another element that also makes the situation in front of the Montreal net quite nebulous is the fact that Samuel Montembeault has still not signed a contract with CH.

Well, if it has anything to do with the Quebecer being injured, that will soon be a thing of the past.

In fact, the Habs number 35 is said to have completed his rehabilitation from his wrist injury in around two weeks.

During the Champions Classic at Victoriaville Golf Club, Montembeault first said he no longer had to wear braces.

“I was with my doctor (Dr. Robert Hotchkiss) in New York last week and he had nothing but good news. I no longer have to wear the splint. I’m starting to exercise a little more. —Samuel Montembeault

The CH goalkeeper then added that he only had two weeks left in his rehab.

“If it was the season I would start skating again and be back at 100 percent in two weeks with no problems. There are still two weeks of rehab left. —Samuel Montembeault

Montembeault also explained that after his injury, the pain bothered him when he was in front of the net.

“It really hurt at first, the first few games, but we kept it under control by always putting tape on and doing a lot of physio. —Samuel Montembeault

In short, it’s really positive to see that the CH goalkeeper’s rehabilitation is progressing well and he will be 100% ready to start training again very soon.

The Quebec goalkeeper also allowed a few words on his contract situation. Here you are.

“I don’t have high expectations because I didn’t have a lot of news. The repechage is in Montreal and my agent will be there. I know that at that time he will be communicating with Kent and they will meet. »

“It’s my wish (to continue playing in Montreal. Despite everything, I really enjoyed it in Montreal and if I have the chance to come back, it will definitely be my first choice.”

—Samuel Montembeault

Note that the deadline for submitting qualifying bids is a few days after the hope run. In fact, NHL teams have until July 11 to retain their free agents’ rights with restrictions.


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