Rick Bowness will be the next Jets head coach

The coaching carousel in the NHL has been running at full speed for a few weeks. The 12 available positions were nearly all filled, leaving only the Bruins (who would have picked Jim Montgomery) and the Jets, who had not officially announced their head coach for 2022-23.

The Sharks, on the other hand, decided to start the process this morning after all teams had selected their candidate. A bold strategy, especially since there is currently no full-time CEO at the head of the team.

But getting back to the Jets, now they, too, have chosen their ombudsman for next season: Rick Bowness.

Darren Dreger revealed this afternoon.

Yesterday, Kevin Weekes revealed Rick Tocchet was the Jets’ No. 1 target, but the team awaited his response. Apparently, Tocchet turned down the offer, which paved the way for Bowness’s employment today.

Bowness who has enormously Bettman Circuit coaching experience (639 games as a head coach and several years as an assistant) returns to where he had his first head coaching job in the NHL while coaching 28 games behind the Jets bench in 1988-89.

However, this announcement also has an impact on the Canadian. In fact, the Bowness name has been circulating for some time as a potential candidate to join Martin St-Louis behind CH-Bank (and even more so since the departure of Luke Richardson), particularly given his vast experience. Marc-Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu (Athlétique Montréal) also revealed that Bowness has some interest in such a role.

So if CH wants to gain experience behind his bench next year, he will have to find another candidate. And let’s just say they’re getting fewer and fewer.

In short, it’ll be a file to look at, but for the Jets, it’s one that’s done now. That leaves the Sharks without a head coach for 2022-23.


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