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Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, or an entrepreneur, you brag about your successes in public more than your bad ones. And what about our mistakes?

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Isabel Mass

Isabel Mass
The press

Last April, Bruno Renaud spent a fun Easter Monday at work under the Dominican Republic sun. Sweat is pouring down his temples, but not because it’s tropical. He just sent an email. A formality in other times, other skies. But the co-founder of Jameo, a personalized clothing SME, chose the wrong recipient list…

“I had to send my message to investors with our business results,” says Bruno Renaud. I sent it to 4,600 people instead of 23, including customers. A few seconds later he receives messages that he should not normally receive. “My first instinct was to re-read what I had just sent,” he continues. It’s been a good month at least, but I was talking about raising our prices. »

A miracle on this day after Christ’s resurrection! The mistake was never classified as unforgivable. On the contrary, it motivated the company to be more transparent towards its employees and customers. “People congratulated us on our growth,” says Bruno Renaud. Three people even sent us their CVs and wrote to us: “If you ever have a vacancy.” ! »

A new section on Sherbrooke’s website, titled “Sustainable Development,” grew out of more of a faux pas. In this time of labor crisis, when organizations are opening their arms wide to attract employees, this section looks like a list of arguments to convince people to apply!

In particular, we read there that the employees are free to work remotely if they want, even as far as South America. That the dozen Jameo employees are involved in the company’s business plan. That they have the opportunity to become shareholders. That the LCL Environnement company is carbon neutral. And most importantly, that Jameo clothing is made in Quebec but designed in Pakistan.

So we can read: “We have built up a relationship of trust and friendship with our supplier. Here is the proof [photo à l’appui] : We were invited to the wedding of the owner of our manufacturing facility and our CEO, Bruno, was the best man. Since our beginnings, we have worked closely with our supplier and visit him regularly. »

“During the pandemic, at the time of the Blue Basket, many companies said they were Quebecers, but they buy from China, for example,” notes Bruno Renaud. Not everything can be done in Quebec. But are the conditions reasonable? »

Our motto is therefore transparency. And our goal is to have a sustainable production plan. For example, we want to avoid making cheap promotional clothing so the recipient doesn’t just wear it as pajamas!

Bruno Renaud, co-founder of Jameo

The site also shows how much of a client’s bill is spent on research and development, profits, and salaries. “For example, we are not afraid to share the good and the bad with our investors,” says Bruno Renaud.

A new platform

Jameo recently raised $1.1 million in funding from angel investors, BDC and Investissement Québec to create and launch a technology platform that enables customers to design their own personalized items. This should be operational in a few months. It will help reach a broader customer base and solidify Jameo’s vertical supply chain. “For us it’s more or less possible to go through a distributor because we don’t like ready-made products,” explains Bruno Renaud.

With this platform, customers will be able to design their own clothes and, in particular, to choose sizes, while avoiding the phases of filing papers and face-to-face appointments. “From now on, orders will be processed more quickly,” says Bruno Renaud. We will support more. »

Jameo (formerly Unique Wool) counts among its customers universities, SMEs, start-ups and large organizations such as Cascades and Decathlon. “Companies have a shortage of employees, so they try to strengthen the sense of togetherness,” says Bruno Renaud. And these are often personalized, one-of-a-kind clothing (hoodies, fleeces, etc.). »

The company said it saw sales grow 108% last year and expects another jump of between 75% and 100% this year.

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  • 100%
    Percentage of plastic bags that Jameo aims to eliminate by opting for more sustainable solutions

    Source: Jameo

    Year by which Jameo would like to have achieved B Corp certification

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