Crazy about BBQ: The secret lies in its sauces

Éric Morissette, a well-known radio host in Abitibi, had set himself a challenge for his 40th birthday: to launch his own BBQ sauce.

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While he feared being “caught” with his first production, two years later he finds himself in his region with 12,000 bottles sold.

Two years ago, Éric Morissette launched his first maple rum sauce, the “Y”, as a tribute to his father Yves.

“His birthday is the 21st. I had 66 bottles made for his 66th birthday. I distributed to two outlets in Val-d’Or and Amos and they were gone in 15 minutes,” he says, still amazed.

Faced with strong demand, he returned to production and concocted other recipes, also named with other letters paying tribute to loved ones.

Today he has 12 varieties and he gave up 2000e Bottle “Y” to his father on June 21.

“The sauce is the flavor you will get. And you have to learn to deal with it,” stresses “the expert”.

The most common mistake, he says, is applying sauces to both sides of the grill before grilling.

“I used to baste my steaks too, but I’ve learned how to use a sauce well: to caramelize it by putting it on my steak and not to burn it on the grill. We just have to put something aside,” he suggests.

Impress the gallery

In addition to sauces, Éric Morissette enjoys preparing impressive cuts of meat on one of his eight grills or smokehouses. The high point for him is when he has guests to impress.

“When you take your piece out, when you present it and people take pictures… I don’t hide it, I like the site specify this page “.

A big part of Éric Morissette’s weekly routine revolves around the BBQ. At the beginning of the week he checks the weather forecast and calls his butcher, who lives more than 70 km from where he lives.

On Thursday or Friday he picks up his meat and prepares it. On Saturdays he takes care of the cooking.

“In case of an brisket, it’s a one day project. I even use my dial for this on Saturday mornings! »

Does he still use his propane grill? “It’s taboo, but yes… on Tuesdays!” he laughs.

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