Chaos at Montreal-Trudeau Airport: Vacationers at the end of their patience

Flight delays and cancellations continued to pile up at Montreal-Trudeau Airport on Friday, testing the patience of travelers who were having trouble catching their flights or locating their luggage.

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“All of our airline partners are currently suffering from staff shortages. The travel industry’s recovery is much faster than recruitment capacity,” he said, debunking Montreal-Trudeau Airport on Twitter on Friday.

A still difficult situation on 1ah July

Nearly 233 flights were delayed at Montreal-Trudeau Airport on Friday and 48 trips were canceled. The day before, 289 flights had not taken off at the scheduled time when 40 of them failed to leave the tarmac.

However, Air Canada passengers are the ones who have suffered the most from the delay problems.

According to the flight schedule, Air Canada had to delay about thirty flights departing from Montreal and about fifty flights arriving during the day at Metropolitan Quebec Airport. The airline has also had to cancel trips, a dozen at the level of departures but also of arrivals.

But according to Aéroports de Montréal, the operations are those normally recorded during periods of high traffic.

Flights will be canceled throughout the summer

To bring the situation back under control, on June 29 Air Canada became the first airline to announce the cancellation of flights for the summer.

“We have reluctantly had to make significant cuts to our flight schedule in July and August to reduce volume and passenger flows to levels that we believe the air transportation system can sustain,” said a statement signed by President and Air Canada CEO Michael Rousseau.

WestJet quickly followed suit, announcing a 25% cut in its flights for Daylight Savings the next day, “at an average of 530 flights per day.”

travel tips

Given all the delays recorded, it’s recommended to arrive more than the usual three hours in advance.

In addition, it is preferable to prioritize carry-on baggage and transport medicines there, Air Transat said in a Twitter post. The risks of losing a suitcase are therefore limited.

It is also recommended to check in online to avoid queues upon arrival at the site.

Travelers must also ensure they have all the documents needed for embarkation, a situation that can be difficult at the moment as many Quebecers are struggling to obtain their passports in time.

The possibility of cancellation must also be taken into account when purchasing a ticket in order to be able to receive a refund in the event of a flight change.

Direct flights are also preferred to avoid the added constraint of being able to catch another aircraft without incident.

The situation elsewhere in the country

Toronto’s Pearson Airport, the busiest in Canada, is no exception to this trend, with 644 flights delayed and 116 canceled, according to FlightAware data.

The problem persisted on the 1stah Since July, 534 flights have not departed on time and 122 have been cancelled.

On the side of Calgary and Vancouver airports, the situation had improved somewhat with a hundred delays and just over twenty cancellations on Friday. In Ottawa, Macdonald-Cartier Airport had just 53 delays and 10 cancellations.

No change was seen at Jean-Lesage Airport in Quebec, where only 19 delays were reported on the same day.

– With information from FlightAware

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