The chances of seeing Kristopher Letang again in Pittsburgh are good

The chances of seeing Evgeni Malkin play anywhere other than Pittsburgh seem to be growing. It wasn’t exactly what we thought a few weeks ago, but the file seems to be developing in a strange way.

And of course that could free up some money to keep Kristopher Letang with the penguins. Because yes, at the moment the chances of seeing the Quebecer in Pittsburgh are good, according to journalist Josh Yohe.

If this happens (Malkin OUT and Letang IN) it would mean that what was going to happen with the penguins is not exactly what we planned a few months ago.

Things change fast sometimes in the world of hockey.

Still considered a top defender despite his age, why should Letang stay in the city? Because his priority was always to stay with the penguins first.

But also because the negotiations seem to be going well. With no assurances that he will safely return to the pens, negotiations are going well and the gap between the requests and the offers is narrowing.

What would that mean for the Canadian? First, Jeff Petry could hardly be traded to the Penguins if Kris Letang decides to stay there.

Above all, he would not sign with CH. He was one of the fans’ targets because he clearly always wanted to play in the city and because Kent Hughes, his former agent-turned-GM in Montreal, must have some idea of ​​what he wants to do.

But basically it was a utopia to see him with the Canadian. Why?

Because according to journalist Josh Yohe, the defender would like a five-year contract with at least eight million dollars a year. He could take less, but that’s a lot of money.

The Canadian wants to free up money in the long term. Example? Going for Evgenii Dadonov’s contract against Shea Weber’s, not being overly interested in Kevin Fiala, etc.

Even now that the rumors surrounding Kristopher Letang had water in the gas, I believe more than ever that it will be a missed meeting between the Canadian and the Quebecer.


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