Maxim Lapierre offers CH a crazy transaction on the draft floor

Next week, KentHughes and the rest of the Canadians’ management will take to the podium of a packed Bell Center to select the very first pick in the NHL’s annual draft.

We suspect the supporters in attendance will be loud and excited as they see the CH select who they believe is the best hope of the 2022 vintage.

As always, the host team likes to put on a show in front of their fans, and with the Canadians having a surplus of draft picks this year at 14, everyone is expecting trades from Hughes.

The Analyst Max Lapierre, for his part, would do anything in his power to get his hands on the New Jersey Devils’ first-round pick, second overall. The idea is simple: Give a show and take your hands Shane Wright and Juraj Slafkowski.

As you can imagine, acquiring such a choice will be very expensive and the devils will be greedy. But Lapierre is willing to pay the price. During an intervention on the waves of 98.5 sportshe mentioned that he was ready to give the other 1st round of the CH election this year (26th overall) plus 2nd round pick (33rd overall) and that he would go so far as to add the 2023 first-round pick to convince the GM Tom Fitzgerald to complete the transaction.

The only problem with this offer is that the Devils are in competitive mode and want to improve their team next season. It would therefore be very surprising if they gave up the second overall without receiving at least one NHL player who could immediately help them in return.

Another topic: the idea of ​​giving away the Canadians’ 1st pick of 2023, which could become a tip for the lottery Connor Bedard Where Matvey Mikkov, could become a disaster if CH finishes at the bottom of the overall standings again next season. So far, nothing indicates the opposite on the horizon.

Of course, it would be important to delay Jeff Petry’s contract. I see a lot of comments on the second choice. Also, everyone is messed up on the first two picks. Should it be Wright or should it be Slafkovsky? I know it’s really a “long shot”. but to choose the second would be extraordinary. Are we ready for this? do we have the material I guess so. I think we have a choice next year if we swap our late first round and second round picks and maybe push some more. Are we willing to sacrifice next year’s first election? Do we trust the two players? […] The Devils are different from Montreal. They’re tired of losing and the owners are tired of losing.”

– Maxim Lapierre

This trade offer not only does not meet the immediate needs of the Devils, but also KentHughes would be crucified in the public square if he let go of his lottery ticket to win a generation player next year.

You can hear his words in full below.

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