Martin St-Louis will earn around $3 million per season (according to Kevin Weekes)

We don’t always know how much NHL coaches make per year. Not everyone wants to say it (Martin St-Louis specifically refused to say it at his last press conference) and it’s not always public.

But sure, the best coaches in the NHL make a lot of money. It will be recalled that the Flyers offered Barrydiot $7 million a season to take over the helm of the Flyers.

Keep in mind thatdios is set to make $5 million to stay at home this season and has turned down several positions this summer, including coaching the Winnipeg Jets.

This price increase is particularly attributable to Mike Babcock, who had signed a seven million dollar a year contract to manage the Toronto Maple Leafs in a timely manner.

But if we go down a bit, how much are the other coaches doing?

Kevin Weekes answered some questions we had about certain people’s salaries. According to him, Martin St-Louis will earn around three million dollars per season as part of his three-year contract.

What strikes us is that veterans don’t necessarily make a lot more money than he does. John Tortorella, who won the 2004 Stanley Cup (with St. Louis as a player), will make about $4 million a year at Philly, the club that defied bidding $7 million a year. The same goes for Peter DeBoer, who is in his fifth position in the NHL.

Bruce Cassidy makes about $4.5 million a season in Vegas after finding plenty of success in Boston.

So Martin St-Louis will make $9 million over three years, a lot more than Dominique Ducharme’s $5.1 million ($1.7 million a year) in his contract signed last summer – and for which he still has it will be paid. Now that Claude Julien’s contract is up, Geoff Molson will pay his coaches $4.7 million a year for two years and $3 million in 2024-2025.

Why so much money for St-Louis? It should be mentioned that by Coach in Montreal it’s on a different level and the guys sometimes get paid better. Claude Julien, for example, made $5 million a year.

It’s also worth noting that St-Louis, who has made a strong impression in the city, is a member of the Hall of Fame.

If we compare his contract to that of his former assistant Luke Richardson, he’s going to make a lot more money per year as Luke is around $1.5 million per season. However, his contract runs for four years, compared to the Canadian driver’s three years.

Richardson has a lot more experience behind a bench than St-Louis, showing that the CH also paid for the Martin St-Louis name to keep him as coach. Richardson had even taken a seat as interim coach during the 2021 playoffs when Dominique Ducharme had COVID-19 during the series against Vegas.

If Luke Richardson spoke French, would he have been appointed interim CH coach in February 2021 or February 2022? And if so, would his salary have been more or less than $1.5 million per season? More or less than $1.7 million a year?


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