London | Two environmental activists are glued to the frame of a Van Gogh

(London) Two environmental activists of the movement Just stop oilPeople calling for the halt to all new fossil fuel-related infrastructure taped themselves to the frame of a Van Gogh painting at a London museum on Thursday.

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They aimed at a painting from 1889, Flowering peach treeswhich depicts a landscape from southern France and is on display at the Courtauld Gallery, according to the environmental organization and museum.

“Sorry everyone, we don’t feel like doing this, we’re glued to this painting, this beautiful painting, because we’re scared for our future,” explained Louis McKechnie, a 21-year-old, in a video released by the organization was posted. year old activist.

Arrested 20 times, the young man, who spent six weeks in jail this winter for helping others to block the motorway around London, is particularly notable for stopping a football match in March after becoming entangled in a goalpost would have.

He recently told AFP he was ready to become “public enemy #1” to warn about the climate crisis and sees “no real” limits as long as actions are “non-violent” and don’t endanger human lives.

Referring to the “40 new government fossil fuel projects,” a number often cited by environmental groups, he felt that signing any of them would be tantamount to “signing our death warrant,” in this video, in which the two activists wearing an orange T-shirt Just stop oilhave their fingers on the frame of the work.

“I cannot live in a bubble of normality when society is collapsing around us and people in the South are suffering so much,” Emily Brocklebank, a 24-year-old psychology student, was quoted as saying in a statement.

“We need everyone focused on government genocidal plans to allow oil companies to drill to produce more oil,” she added. “This is one of the greatest injustices in history. We must resist. »

Just stop oil stresses that this measure comes at a time when Provence, a region in southern France painted by Van Gogh, is threatened by drought.

The Courtauld Gallery, along with AFP, explained that the room in which the painting is displayed was “immediately closed to the public” after the two activists held onto the frame in the afternoon. The museum expects to reopen normally on Friday.

To Just stop oilfive of its activists were arrested on Wednesday after an action at a museum in Glasgow, Scotland, in which they painted inscriptions on the floor and a wall and glued themselves to the frame of a 19th-century painting of a Scottish Highland landscape.

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