Abortion: The Poisoned Gift | The Journal of Quebec

“Be careful with your desires”.

You have already heard this saying of American origin.

It means what you want may not be the idea of ​​the century and you risk becoming disillusioned if you get it.

you wanted a dog It must be taken care of.

want a big house Cleaning takes longer.


In the United States, Democrats and Republicans must manage their respective poison gifts.

Democrats wanted to use their majority in the House of Representatives to investigate the storming of the Capitol and determine Donald Trump’s responsibility.

They have largely succeeded.

The evidence of his disastrous role is overwhelming.

But from now on, every option is dangerous for the Democrats.

Sue Trump in court?

In the eyes of his followers he becomes a martyr.

Not tracking?

That would mean glossing over acts as serious, if not more serious, than those that led to Nixon’s downfall in 1974.

Now imagine Trump is tried but acquitted.

The judiciary is accused of using itself to settle political scores… and Trump will emerge stronger.

What to do ?

You’re probably accusing him of showing that no one is above the law, but the risks are huge.

Republicans, too, just clinched a victory that could prove to be a poisoned gift.

They did everything they could to build a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court, blocked Obama’s proposed nomination of Merrick Garland on the pretext of not appointing anyone during an election year, and then backed Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett with just 35 days to go until the presidential election.

The maneuver enabled the reversal of a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion in the name of respect for privacy invoked in the 14th Amendment.

The religious right is jubilant, but Republican strategists are now realizing the problem for their party.

The midterm elections will take place on November 8th.

All was well for the Republicans.

Joe Biden is very unpopular and a gallon of gas costs over $5.

Biden is failing to rally his troops and has no paid issue to fight for.

Republicans are well positioned to regain control of the House and possibly the Senate, completely paralyzing the President.

And then suddenly comes this verdict that contradicts the majority feeling.


Sixty-one percent of adults in the United States believe abortion should be legal in almost all cases.

Voting technically, the most important demographic-geographical segment is suburban women, who support free choice in an even larger proportion.

Democrats now have an issue that can transform the mainstream conversation, shake up their constituents, and serve as their hobbyhorse.

Enough to turn the tide? Probably not, but enough to give Republicans a hard time.

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