Legal battles between the Gabriels and Mike Ward continue

Jérémy Gabriel’s mother, who was released from court a month ago, announced through her lawyer that she intended to appeal. This has direct implications for another lawsuit, filed by Jeremy, seeking $288,000 in damages from Mike Ward.

The saga between Jérémy Gabriel and comedian Mike Ward seems far from over.

On Wednesday morning, the parties appeared in the Supreme Court in connection with Jérémy Gabriel’s $288,000 claims for damages against the comedian.

A month ago, Jérémy’s mother, Sylvie Gabriel, was fired by Judge Manon Gaudreault, who is seeking $84,600 in damages from Ward because the time limits had expired.

That being said, the Gabriel family’s attorney, Me Stéphane Harvey, announced on Wednesday morning that he would be taking the decision against Sylvie to the Court of Appeal, arguing that the statute of limitations had not expired as judge Gaudreault estimated.

Mr Harvey has indicated that his appeal will be filed no later than July 6th.

Consequently, the parties agreed that they would await the Court of Appeals’ decision in the Sylvie case before discussing the Jérémy case and his $288,000 claim, since they are essentially the same storyline.

So if the Court of Appeals upholds Judge Manon Gaudreault’s decision, “it will also close Jérémy Gabriel’s case,” Me Harvey confirms.

Conversely, if the appeals court agrees with the Gabriel clan, Mike Ward’s attorney, Me Julius Gray, has already mentioned the possibility of the case returning to the country’s highest court for a second time.

Remember that this saga goes back more than 10 years when the comedian made a joke about “little Jérémy” who suffered from Treacher Collins Syndrome.

In 2016, the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favor of Jérémy Gabriel and his mother, who should receive $42,000 in moral and criminal damages from Ward.

The Court of Appeals upheld the decision in Jérémy’s case, who was to receive $35,000, while annulling the $7,000 that the mother was to receive.

It was in the Supreme Court that Mike Ward won a definitive victory when the judges ruled five to four that the Gabriel clan had chosen the wrong vehicle, the Human Rights Court, to hear its case when it came to defamation , not discrimination.

Based on this decision by the country’s highest court, Sylvie Gabriel filed a $84,600 defamation lawsuit in the Quebec court, while her son filed a larger $288,000 lawsuit, which is therefore before the Supreme court ended.

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