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What is there to catch up with Crave? Here are some suggestions from our journalists.

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drunk birds

The film is based on the great musical score by Philippe Brault. In addition, Ivan Grbovic draws performances of great finesse from his quartet of actors. Of particular note are the compositions by Hélène Florent, whose reduced play harmonises perfectly with the search for a woman unable to flourish, and by Claude Legault, in the skin of a man a little overwhelmed by everything that happens in his family life is. And around.

Marc Andre Lussier

Tony Hawk: Until the wheels fall off

Tony Hawk: Until the wheels fall off may not have the depth of these documentaries, which can reach beyond convert circles. However, it offers a very interesting perspective and gripping scenes that will grab any teenager or adult who one day jumped on a skateboard and dreams of arriving at the sole of one of the Bones Brigade idols.

Alexandre Vigneault

Irma Vep

Irma Vep was recorded in the City of Light with a host of French actors. The dialogues skilfully alternate between the languages ​​of Shakespeare and Molière. The most amazing thing is the shape. The implementation, both modern and retro, is great.

Hugo Duma


A word for you: Chop! It’s good, funny and smart. It’s comedy of the year. Equally hilarious are the characters that revolve around the two heroines. There’s the cheeky assistant Kayla, the psycho-starved tour manager, and the aloof personal assistant, who get plenty of laughs.

Hugo Duma

gas lit

It’s a series worth the detour gas lit. Unfortunately only available in English, this historical miniseries sees two actors at the top of their game, Julia Roberts and Sean Penn (unrecognizable under a kilo of facial prostheses). gas lit looks at the Watergate scandal through the eyes of the feisty Martha Mitchell (amazing Julia Roberts), wife of Attorney General John Mitchell (excellent Sean Penn), an influential man who is also chairman of President Richard Nixon’s reelection committee.

Hugo Duma

drive my car

Winner of the Best Screenplay award at last year’s Cannes Film Festival (several festival-goers expected it higher up the list), drive my car is a film that exudes a gentle melancholy combined with a sensitive and mature reflection on the depth of a feeling of love. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful cinematic works that we have seen recently.

Marc Andre Lussier

The last duel

The success of The last duel(The last duel in French version) is mainly due to the clever construction of a story inspired by real historical news. By telling the same story from the perspective of three different characters, screenwriters Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Nicole Holofcener were able to develop a plot that was more complex than it might first appear.

Marc Andre Lussier

Jan from Charlotte

Charlotte Gainsbourg began filming her mother, Jane Birkin, to watch her as she had never done before. An unprecedented exchange spanning several years that gradually obliterates the two artists to reveal a mother confronting her daughter. Charlotte Gainsbourg has managed to paint a vivid portrait of their relationship in this film dedicated to her mother.

Marc Andre Lussier

Fantastic Beasts – The Secrets of Dumbledore

Third installment in the Fantastic Beasts series Dumbledore’s Secrets is the most successful of them all, despite a somewhat… disappointing ending. However, every fan of the Harry Potter franchise should find their account.

Marissa Groghe

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