Abortion: We are not Americans

Is Quebec Subject to US Supreme Court Decisions?

Hearing some for a few days, one might guess.

They pretend to believe that the Roe vs. Wade reversal will have repercussions on our side of the border and that abortion rights will be weakened here too.

A quick reminder: Quebec is not an American state.


Where does this belief, shared by many, come from? From a serious problem: I’m talking about our mental Americanization.

In recent years, for various reasons, we have become accustomed to projecting ourselves into the sociological and political categories that structure American life as if we were living their national life vicariously.

We are more passionate about American politics than Quebec politics. We project ourselves into their societal debates while too often abandoning ours.

As a result, we often confuse American society with our own.

We saw this in particular in 2020 at the time of the George Floyd affair, when some were convinced that the issue of racism in the United States is posed in Quebec in the same way and that there is a need to address the situation of communities assimilate. from immigration here to that of black Americans.

It was great delirium, but this delirium spread by the media distorts our perception of ourselves. All of this led us to debate the stupid theory of systemic racism.

And that is exactly what is happening today with the question of abortion rights.

It’s compromised in Texas, Missouri too. And in many other states.

But there’s absolutely no point in pretending it’s in Quebec! We have enough problems without feeling the need to artificially add one to ourselves.

Precision: We’re not the only ones reacting like we’re Americans.

In France, where the right to abortion is recognized and no political party challenges it, the presidential party has even committed to enshrining it in the constitution, following the US Supreme Court ruling.

In other words, France is considering amending its constitution in response to a decision that is a matter of American domestic policy.

It would be nice if we stopped being in the wrong country and reconnected with our own reality.

Nevertheless, we can draw a general reflection on what is happening in the United States.

It is common knowledge today to revere the judges and tribunals – and even more so the Supreme Court.


Finally, we note that the courts are political actors. Their decisions are ideologically oriented. They are no more impartial than elected assemblies.

One last thing: The only reason Quebecers hear about abortion politically from time to time is because of their membership in the Canadian Federation, which forces them to submit to the debates that enliven Western Canada as if they were their own.

If they never want to hear about it again, they know what to do.

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