A new home in Trois-Rivières for Samuel Montembeault and his wife

You will forgive me if I take a little longer between each of my messages this morning. If Canada isn’t keeping me up until the early hours with their games in the west of the continent, it’s CF Montreal.

But at least – different from them Canadian 2021-22 – I’Effect 2022 knows how to put on a show. The Montreal team defeated the CONCACAF Champions League champions at home in Seattle last night. 2-1 thanks to two goals from Mason Toye, who started for the first time in almost a year, and two superb assists from the talented old and the humble Kei Kamara.

Results : Montreal finds itself at the top of the Eastern Conference this morning. Only LAFC currently has more points than Montreal in MLS…

Need I remind you that the Impact started their regular season without a win in four games?

CF Montreal has the best Attack (goals to the) in the east, but also one of the worst defensive (goals versus). Stay only if the club wins AND I don’t want to complain about the fact that he scores a lot of goals… even if he’s giving up a little too much at the moment.

is Wilfried Nancy is currently the best coach in MLS?

next game : Monday night in Los Angeles (Galaxy)… at 10:30pm EST! Excuse the time I took on my first text on Tuesday morning, okay?

A house for Samuel Montembeault
Samuel Montembeault is yet to sign a contract for next season. Montembeault, 25, was pulled from waivers last October. He earned a salary of $750,000 in 2021-22. Had he had to play in the American League, his salary would have been closer to $250,000. All in US dollars by the way…

The Canadian still has a few days to make a qualifying offer Monty and thus ensure that you retain your rights. Bet he will…

This offer should be $787,500. And if I understand the collective agreement correctly, then it has to be one single component, this offer.

With all the uncertainty surrounding Carey Price’s knee, securing a goalkeeper like Montembeault comes at such a low cost THE what to do for the CH. Whatever Montembeault might then seek arbitration and get some extra cash… but I believe Kent Hughes and Montembeault’s agent will come to an agreement before being dictated to by a potential arbitrator.


Montembeault just completed a first full season in the NHL. What did he do with all the money he got? He has just bought a magnificent house in Trois-Rivières with his wife Daryanne.

(Image credit: Facebook/Hockey Le Magazine)

Note that he no longer has wrist guards (will have surgery after the season).

Should we read a hint at Montembeault’s future behind this purchase?

nope! Montembeault will not be sent with the Trois-Rivières Lions in 2022-23, hehe!

The Canadiens goalkeeper comes from Bécancour, on the other side of the bridge, and comes on emotional for his postal career (and his summers, which he enjoys spending in Quebec).

He has yet to find an apartment in Brossard, Candiac, La Prairie, Laval or Montreal during the season. Or elsewhere in North America, if Price and Allen ever start the season with the big club that Montembeault is subject to waivers early in the campaign and claimed by another team…

I’m happy for the couple Samuel-Daryannetwo good people who have decided to settle in their region despite Samuel’s recent successes. Good luck in your new life guys!


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