10 reasons to stop presenting galas

Were you surprised on June 20th when TVA announced the end of Gala Artis? Not me. On the other hand. I was surprised that there weren’t more galas that received their death sentence.

I’ve been doing galas for years The newspaperand over time, “nights of excitement” became “nights of frustration.”

Here are ten reasons why the rest of the Galas should go too, like the dinosaurs of another era.

1. Duration.

Why two or three hours of television when the next day the media takes 45 seconds to recap the big winners, let us play hard-hitting snippets and explain the controversy of the hour?

2. Outfits.

One of the only interests of French or American galas is to see who is the best dressed star. Quebec is all about who is the least badly dressed. Stars complain that they have to dress smartly because our designers don’t rent dresses. Not to mention the “double standards” between men and women. With the galas gone, the entire UDA directory can dress in soft clothing and grow their leg hair and regrow hair!

3. Flat acceptance speeches.

It has always fascinated me to see how stage professionals who have had 364 days to prepare for the eventuality of winning a trophy find themselves so helpless and chatty on stage.

4. Moral instruction.

When I want to feel guilty or accused of evil, I read a columnist from the Have to or attend a Québec Solidaire convention. But on an evening of celebration, champagne, and celebrations of excellence, I don’t want to be singled out by well-meaning priests.

5. Political correctness.

She killed audacity, effrontery, second-degree sarcasm: all the ingredients that make a gala evening spicy, hot and spicy and not a dull and tasteless evening. By being afraid to offend “everyone and his-his-his-neighbors”, we no longer tease anyone. If the galas don’t have the guts to be iconoclastic, make them disappear.

6. “The between-itself.”

When a petit milieu throws a party with jokes or innuendo that only members of the petit milieu can understand, or rewards works that only the petit milieu has seen, the general public feels left out and wants to make a big finger of honor in the petit milieu .

7. The weakness of the texts.

Too many galas in recent years have surfed on texts of nameless banality. When we’ve gotten to the point where comedy galas are no longer laughable, it’s time to shout “SOS-Die With Dignity”.

8. The reviews.

They melted faster than the arctic glaciers. And it’s not just “the fault of the pandemic”.

9. Chewing Gum.

Do I really have to explain this?

10. Mediocrity.

A gala is meant to celebrate excellence, achievement, effort. When the language is loose, the numbers sloppy, and the attitude jaded, what exactly are we celebrating?

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