“This airport stinks!” starts an American stuck in Montreal-Trudeau

Stranded travelers sleeping on the floor, accumulation of rubbish, overused bathrooms, hundreds of suitcases stacked; the high volume of traffic in Montreal-Trudeau could literally be felt in the terminal on Wednesday morning.

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An American met by TVA Nouvelles literally launched “this airport stinks”, not only because of the surrounding smell, but because of the total disorganization found on site.

Also on Wednesday morning, many of the people we met had been there since Tuesday and many, particularly those traveling with Air Canada, did not have their questions answered.

“To be honest my last flight on Air Canada should have been a year and a half ago but we are in Canada and separated from Europe what other options do we have? They don’t care about their customers. And if you try to talk to someone, I understand they’re overwhelmed, they don’t want to help you,” explained one man who couldn’t get a flight.

The same speech is from a young man who is also stuck in Montreal-Trudeau with no service from his airline.

“Something needs to be done! Staff I’ve spoken to tell me it’s been like this for a very long time.”

A young woman cried badly: Air Canada not only didn’t get her a flight, but asked her to pay to get on another.

“Our flight has been cancelled, nobody can help us. Every time we ask for help we are told there is no more theft. We have to pay for another flight if we haven’t used our flight yet!” the woman denounced.

The situation is such that on Tuesday night the CEO of Aéroports de Montréal mentioned the idea of ​​abandoning certain destinations from Montreal.

“We hired and above all tried to keep our people. Imagine that it is still not easy for these people to work in these conditions…” explained Philippe Rainville, CEO of Aéroports de Montréal.

Staff working there must be certified by Transport Canada to work airside, making recruitment difficult.

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