Sevilla Films ceases operations

Shockwave in the Quebec film industry: Seville Films, one of the largest film distributors in Quebec, is ceasing its theatrical distribution activities.

According to information from The newspaper, Employees of the distribution company were laid off on Tuesday afternoon. Seville Films, a subsidiary of giant Entertainment One, has distributed several of the most popular Quebec films of recent years, including Mom, 1991, Starbuck, Louis Cyr and Liar.

Seville Films President Patrick Roy, reached early Tuesday evening, confirmed the information received The newspaper.

“The rumor is true: Entertainment One has made the decision to end its theatrical distribution activities in Canada,” he said.

Mr Roy declined to give the number of employees who lost their jobs on Tuesday, escalating those questions to Entertainment One executives. However, he hinted that he might have good news to share soon.

“My contract was going to expire this week, so I quit too,” he said. But I still have the same passion [pour le cinéma en salle] and I’m still in talks with eOne. I hope to announce good news soon. »

This announcement comes a few days before the comedy hits theaters vanishing lines, one of the most anticipated Quebec movies of the summer. Patrick Roy assures that the feature film will be “distributed as it should be”.

“We will take care of the release of this film with some employees or former employees of Seville, he specifies. There will be no impact on theatrical release. I also spoke to Denise Robert this morning [la productrice de Lignes de fuite] to reassure them about the film’s release. She trusts me and knows the job will be done as usual. »

And the future?

As for the other releases planned for the next few months, Mr Roy states that “no film will be affected by this decision”.

Not only for the next theatrical releases, some questions remain unanswered. So what happens to Seville Films’ vast catalog of Quebec films? asked several stakeholders in the field on Tuesday.

Seville Films was founded in Montreal in 1999 and was acquired by Entertainment One in 2007. In 2012, Seville merged with Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm, another major Quebec distributor.

“It’s the end of an era,” admits Patrick Roy. But I hope at some point we can announce something else and see how the rest unfolds,” reiterated Patrick Roy.

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