Do you have expired sunscreen? Don’t throw it away, there’s an amazing way to use it

Ideal for combating UVA and UVB rays, sunscreen acts as a protective barrier. And when it reaches its expiration date, you don’t have to throw it away. It might surprise you with its many uses at home.

Sunscreen is part of the necessary arsenal in summer, but also in winter. This protective cream can also be used beyond the expiry date. Protecting you from the sun, this product can perform important unexpected functions.

Protect skin with sunscreen

Protect skin with sunscreen – source: spm

If this UV protection product is essential for tanning, it should not be thrown in the trash after its expiration date. Thanks to this cream you can adopt many tricks for your home. This product is suitable for all skin types essential to avoid burnsAfter the summer, sunburn or skin irritation will do you more good than you think.


Sunscreen – Source: spm

– Sunscreen for sharpening scissors

If you come across expired sunscreen while rummaging through your drawers, don’t throw it in the trash. It can be of great use to you when sharpening your scissors. For this trick, you can use a cloth to rub sunscreen over the sticky blades of the scissors to rid them of any dirt. You have scissors like new.

– Sunscreen cleans cutlery and makes it shine

One thing is certain: sunscreen effectively fights the effects of oxidation. For this reason you can use it on your silver objects. If you want to make them shiny, pour in the cream on a microfiber cloth and wipe them off. Then remove the residue with a dry cloth and you’re done.

– Sunscreen to get rid of stubborn stickers

You won’t believe it, but some sunscreen ingredients can remove residual stickers from bottles. All you have to do is apply a small amount of the sunscreen to the surface to be treated and then rub with a cloth to easily remove the sticker.

– Sunscreen is great for making leather shine

While sunscreen is used to prevent sunburn, the oily texture of this screen fighting free radicals is ideal for making the leather of jackets, bags or armchairs shine. Start by pouring it onto a makeup remover pad rubbing on the dull surface. You will give him a second life!

– Sunscreen can be a great styling product

Like petroleum jelly, sunscreen can help smooth out frizz caused by moisture or dry hair. Heat a small amount in your hands and apply the screen like a gel.

You’ll get it: expired sunscreen isn’t a product to be thrown away after the deadline. They can help you for many other uses at home.

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