Samuel Girard wins the Stanley Cup: “There will be a big party in Roberval”

Samuel Girard’s parents stayed up late Sunday to watch the Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup in Game 6 against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Although the Roberval defender has not played since due to an injury that sidelined him since the second round of the playoffs, he still did his lap of honor on the ice and waved the prestigious trophy.

“How are we feeling? We feel tired!” Guylaine Dion joked Hello Helloon the TVA network, Monday morning.

“It is full of emotions that we live. Yesterday was like a movie being rewound. We saw Samuel in his early days until he took the cup. It was really something special.”

Girard, nicknamed the “Roberval Tornado” in his youth, said he dreamed of the trophy after signing his seven-year, $35 million contract, initialed in 2019 with no belief in one day becoming an athlete, who collects millions.

“It’s a young hockey player’s dream. We tried so hard, says Tony, Samuel Girard’s father. It’s a dream come true. On the ice, he waved at us and put his hand on his heart as if to say, “It’s thanks to you, too.” It was crazy.”

Of course, no contract or salary can replace a conquest.

“We always hoped,” adds Guylaine Dion. Each player, his goal, that’s it. It’s finding that cut. We didn’t think he would do it after five years in the National League! Especially when you know that there are players who have had a career of 10 or 15 years and have never been able to lift it.

“I can tell you that we were very proud yesterday.”

He resumed training

Injuring his sternum, Girard ignored the pain to join his teammates celebrating on the rink at Tampa’s Amalie Arena.

“I said to him, ‘Hey! You don’t hurt your sternum, do you? And he said, “I think it’s adrenaline!” He told me it was like the evil wasn’t there anymore. He was so happy.”

Guylaine Dion took the opportunity to add that Girard’s recovery is going well and he has resumed training “at rest” to be ready for the start of next season.

In the meantime, celebrations are expected in Roberval this summer when Samuel Girard arrives with the Stanley Cup.

“If it’s crazy like tonight, it’ll get sick! I’m not worried there will be a big party in Roberval! It’s going to be fun with good people and good people from everywhere,” Tony promises.

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