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What can you watch on Netflix? Our journalists specializing in TV and cinema offer you some suggestions from the platform’s well-assorted catalogue.

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stranger things

Scheduled for three years – it’s a loooong time – this fourth season of stranger thingsharder and more bloody than the previous ones, comes in format jumbo : All episodes last between 1h and 1h40. stranger things has aged, as have its performers, and its credentials are no longer aimed at pre-teens. It became an exciting horror series Itwhere the new villain Vecna ​​resembles the fearsome Night King game of Thrones.

Hugo Duma

this is pop

While the production company is used to focusing on one genre or artist at a time, this is pop casts a wide net: ABBA, Boys II Men, country music, the hitmakers of the Brill Building (including Neil Sedaka, who describes himself as “The Justin Bieber of the 1950s”) and the making of music festivals. The direction isn’t always happy (the country episode is unnecessarily cheesy), but the look is always chic.

Alexandre Vigneault


Why praise such a violent and ruthless TV series? Because it fulfills its entertainment mission. Because the actresses there are amazing. Because a federal penitentiary like the one depicted in Wentworth is not a Club Med where you braid your hair between two Macarena choreographies.

Hugo Duma

Borrow: power and glory

We had no more hopes for the sequel to the brilliant Danish miniseries Borrow. Here it is on Netflix today, nine years after the last season, with its sophistication, exuberant complexity and themes more timely than ever. This fourth opus really does not disappoint. Borrow: power and glory is aimed at curious and enlightened adults who like series The western wing and house of cardswith a particularly sophisticated Scandinavian touch.

Hugo Duma

Stay sweet – pray and obey

A true-crime documentary series about a cult in which a despotic leader who calls himself a prophet marries 78 women, 24 of them minors, and predicts the end of the world in the middle of the Utah desert? Here ! It is fascinating and shocking, captivating and repulsive at the same time. And very disgusting.

Hugo Duma

far from the ring road

far from the ring road is the nickname in the language of Shakespeare a buddy movie. As Good cop, bad copfrom From father to cop and other detective comedies that combine the masculine. Also born from the desire of the duo Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte to work together again 10 years after the success of on the other side of the ring road, keeps this film mainly due to their beautiful complicity. And the game of the two superstars manages to make us forget his clichés and his weaknesses.

Luca Boulanger

heart stopping

The charming British miniseries heart stopping Netflix, offered in English and French, shows a softer and more realistic facet of youth, one of emotion, questioning, butterflies in the stomach and self-discovery. It’s written with finesse and carried by talented young actors who are unlike euphoria Where Watatoware not 15 years older than their characters.

Hugo Duma

Sell ​​sunset 5

The best example of a perfect and paying villain can be found in Sell ​​sunset (sun to give away) from Netflix, the best real estate reality show in the universe, no kidding. In fact, it’s a frivolous docu-soap neatly packaged in a Tiffany box.

Hugo Duma

Our major national parks

series Our major national parks doesn’t reinvent the genre: borrowing inspiration from National Geographic documentaries, it takes an attentive look at wildlife, visibly using all available technology to observe animals up close, but also offering breathtaking bird’s-eye views of the areas where they live. An informative series, but also clearly a political gesture for former President Barack Obama, who in every episode underlines the importance of natural spaces in the fight against global warming.

Alexandre Vigneault

Old enough!

in the Old enough!, a Japanese reality show that has been airing on Netflix for a few weeks, children aged 4, 3, even 2 go shopping alone for the first time. If the series has the power to triple influence the blood of western parents, it also prompts a reflection on the independence we give (or don’t give) to our children.

Valerie Simard

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