Juraj Slafkovsky volunteers to play on the left side of the Suzuki-Caufield duo

Can’t wait for us to stop speculating on who will be Canadians’ first choice? In a few days, the people who didn’t see “her man” being picked up by the Flanelle can tell us why it was a mistake, and the others will be happy.

While the popular winds are still blowing in Shane Wright’s direction, Juraj Slafkovsky’s candidacy appears to be growing more solid. At what point? To the point where the excellent Bob McKenzie put him at the top of his final list… and he’s not the only one.

The left winger could complete a line of Nick Suzuki in the middle and Cole Caufield on the wing. On this topic, the two young people from CH said that playing with sleep could make them happy.

The quote had come a long way in the past few weeks. At what point?

To the point where even Slafkovsky has heard the quote and that the two youngsters, who are spending part of their summer together in Montreal, would love to complete the European.

And let’s say he’s open to the idea of ​​accompanying her for the rest of things.

It is clear that even if the CH wants to choose the best available player, the fact that Shane Wright is a center and Slaf is a winger changes the situation in the discussions.

But for Suzuki it still makes a huge difference to have a man to complete him rather than a man fighting for his job and time with Cole Caufield.

It’s also clear that having a big man at the helm could make all the difference.

Management still has time to make up their minds (Kent Hughes had spoken of early July), but right now the Montreal lads must have a better idea.


– Notice to interested parties.

– Will they win?

– shame.

– Names to watch out for.

– Speaking of consolation.

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